An artistic yet passionate music stages, combined with muralists? This annual event has it all! Serving eyes and ears with the hidden gems of Indonesia, BSO Band of FEB Universitas Indonesia has held this event to introduce them year after year. Celebrating music and arts of Indonesians, the 9th Music Gallery will please us with a unique concept inspired by Haight Ashbury–a district in San Francisco–so let’s expect vibrant and colourful vibes all along, shall we?

Music Gallery is actually spawned from Acoustic Across, the original event of BSO, alongside with UI Music Fair. Previously held on Kuningan City, BSO chooses to change the venue to Tennis Indoor Senayan; bigger stages for the gems, ensuring a good stage for them to perform. The most important part, the musician lineup holds the biggest part of this event’s theme, An Undiscovered Resonance. Back to the event’s main purpose, Music Gallery is captivating our interest towards less-exposed musicians. With this concept, BSO hoped that people will also appreciate these artists more, as well as enjoy this event like a typical music festival.

One of the Music Gallery’s veteran lineup, Christianto Ario–in which is a soloist known as Kurosuke–said that this event project holds many memories to him. Used to performing with Anomalyst, he chooses to go solo with his own style, hoping this privilege will open people’s minds as in relatable and friendly to any generations’ ears. His single, Sweeties Salmon Roll, reflects his favoritism towards 80’s pop and is also released as a birthday gift on Valentine’s day. Although he has joined since the 2nd Music Gallery, he said that music evolves rapidly and musicians need to keep up their pace with the current trend; consistency also plays a big part in career. Thus, he hopes that Music Gallery will stay the same as before and BSO keeps this event concept afterwards.

Lastly, Kenneth and Laras (the President Officer and Vice President Officer) said that this event will not only bring the underrated out, but also give a live performance and meet fans in real life, unlike digital music platforms. They hope that this event will make an impression to all media partners, sponsors, vendors and most importantly, the audience.

In the end, meeting expectations is a must, but unexpected things shall surprise people in a good way, right?

(The 9th Music Gallery will be held at Tennis Indoor Senayan on 9th of March 2019. Let’s celebrate music and arts and support our nation’s artists!)

Words by: Florence Ivanny Victoria