Have you ever heard about a movie called The Bling Ring? Well, if you guys have no idea, The Bling Ring was based on an actual event that happened back in 2008 up until 2009.

Rachel Lee is a Korean-American teenager. She and her mom lived in Calabasas, which is known as one of the most elite areas in California. From The Kardashians to Drake, you can find them somewhere in that area.

Rachel was really into fashion and had been dreaming to own truckloads of nice clothes. Even though she can afford them, she felt like she wanted to challenge herself. Of course, when you think of “nice clothes” you know that celebrities own lots of them. So one day, she and her friend, Nick Prugo told one another that they wanted to do something wild. By “something wild” was robbed celebrities’ houses so they could own their fancy, limited edition clothes and other belongings.

The first target was decided and it was Paris Hilton’s residence in Hollywood Hills. Now at this point, we all must be wondering: Why out of all people in this world is Paris Hilton? Two words. Unlocked door. Both of them heard that Paris always left her front door unlocked, even when she’s not in the house. After arriving at the front door, they knocked a few times, just to verify that nobody’s home. And sure enough, the minute they turned the front door knob, it was already unlocked.

They both felt like they were having the time of their lives. Rachel took so many of Paris’ rare collections of coats, dresses, and many other expensive goody-goods. Even though there were lots of things that they wanted to take, they tried to hold back a little, so Paris wouldn’t notice that she was being robbed. Not only that, they partied, slept in, and had a jolly time at Paris’, as if they owned the place. The sole purpose of that was so they could keep coming back to the point where Paris finally realised that she was robbed.

Now, Paris was only their first target. At this point, both Rachel and Nick’s “gang” has expanded by slowly recruiting 5 more teenagers and picked Orlando Bloom – that was at the time dating Miranda Kerr, whom Rachel loved so much – as their next target. Yes, Rachel picked whose houses that she wanted to rob with based on who she loved, which I’m pretty sure is the opposite of people in general, where people usually would protect their beloved celebrities. Rachel really wanted to steal Kerr’s clothes and Bloom’s expensive artwork, just so she could hang them up in her house. Not only that, they also stole 10 of Bloom’s vintage Rolex collections and sold them for $5,000 only, when in reality, the cheapest Rolex you could ever find would be at least $8,000 per one piece. However, Rachel wasn’t pleased until she aimed her grand target, which was Lindsay Lohan.

Did they do it? Yes. But unfortunately, that was also the end of their career. They were caught by Lohan’s surveillance cameras and caught bragging to their friends that they managed to break into celebrities’ houses and stole lots of things.

Rachel was originally being sentenced for four years, yet she served one year and four months. While Nick served one year in prison, and the rest of them had different kinds of punishment. Some of them served 60 days of community service, some got a few years of probation, and some even had to pay a fine of $600,000 to Mr. Bloom.

After finishing her time at the prison, Rachel was asked to become the consultant of The Bling Ring movie. Not only that, Paris Hilton also offered her house to be one of the sets when they shot the scenes when Rachel and her friends robbed her house to make it similar to the actual event.

Words by: Nat Padma
Header Credits: Pinterest