First held in 2010, the 6th UPH Business Week was held 3rd until 7th of April 2017. Business Week has different themes each year and this year,  the theme is Ingenious: Unravelling the World of Creative Business in Indonesia. This theme is chosen as a form of the committee’s concern to improve the creativity of young people in Indonesia, as they could contribute to Indonesia’s economy development. Isabella Permatasari, the Chairman of Business Week 2017 stated that in doing everything, it is important to be creative in order to be valuable and be able to compete with other people.

The participants of UPH Business Week competition comes from different places and backgrounds ranging from high school students to university students from various cities in Indonesia. They also come from various age and origins because this event is open to the public.

What’s different from this year’s Business Week is, this year’s theme is more emphasized on Indonesia portrayed through business simulations sub-events and during the opening and closing festival.

During the opening festival, UPH Business Week held a fashion show with two themes: ‘Batik’ sponsored by MWL Batik, and ‘Business Attire’ sponsored by Grisvian Hewis. The essence of this fashion show is to represent the characteristics of young professionals of Indonesia.

Also, Indonesia-themed, the first subevent, CUBIC (Creativity and Uniqueness-based Business Idea Competition) was held on the 3rd – 4th of April 2017. CUBIC  is a competition that is designed for high school students. CUBIC aims to encourage the young generation of Indonesia to be more innovative and creative in creating new business ideas. This year’s CUBIC is in a form of giant 100 m2 Monopoly Game where the participants must set their strategies in purchasing assets when there are variables that could affect their asset’s value to fluctuate. The first day was the semi-finals; with Business Trip and Investorun as the main agenda. The final round was held on the second day.

The event is followed by PHBC, or Pelita Harapan Business Challenge that was held on the 5th – 7th of April 2017. This competition is participated by undergraduate university students. The goal of this competition is to enhance this knowledge about businesses through a series of competitions. PHBC consists of three stages: Preliminary Case Submission, Business Race, and Additional Case Challenge. Before the competition was held, the participants must solve a business case in order to enter the final round. The agenda of the first day was company visit, business race on the second day, and presentation on the last day. During the business race, the participants must travel around Jakarta and Tangerang in order to complete a mission and then followed by solving case studies, which will be presented in the next day. At the end of the business race, the top teams will be selected and will go through the additional case challenge. With this year’s theme “INGENIOUS’, it aims to encourage businesses to think differently and creatively in solving new problems.

The third subevent, BTS, or Business Talk Show, was held April 7, 2017. The theme of this year’s BTS is “Seeing the Prospect in Creative Business”, aiming to become a source of information for young adults especially those who are interested in the field of creative industry. Everyone is invited to attend this talk show to listen to the inspiring stories and experiences of well-known guest speakers who are working in the creative industry and have been contributing to the growth of Indonesia’s economy. This year’s speakers are: Sarah Ayunita – Area Sales Manager of Zomato ; Stephen Setiawan – Founder and Owner of The Bunker Board Game Cafe; Anthony Sudarsono – Founder and Owner of Sumosquid; Gistang Panutur –  Marketing Manager of Aqua; Handoko Hendroyono – Co-producer of Filosofi Kopi movie, Co-founder of Creative & Co, one of the owners of  Filosofi Kopi Coffee Shop; and Bryan Tilaar – President Director of Martha Tilaar. The speakers shared the history how their business became a business that uses creative ideas, and how to maintain and develop “mature” businesses.

On April 7, Business Week 2017 also held a board game tournament, alongside with the showcase of the board games itself. On that day also, Business Week 2017 Closing Festival was held in Supermal Karawaci. This year’s closing festival featured a special performance by Randy Pandugo and Indonesian Costume Festival, where 3 of the committees dressed in festive traditional costumes. The committees that wore these costumes went around the mall to promote the event, along with other few committees distributing Business Week balloons. 200 free chatime drinks were given to visitors that took a photo at Business Week 2017’s photo booth and then posted it to Instagram. During the closing festival, the committee also held a door prize, and the prize was Samsung Gear S3. Other than door prize, they also gave away VR Boxes, 3D pens, and power banks simply by answering the questions that were given by the MC.

The closing festival is also the awarding night of Business Week 2017 winners, specifically the CUBIC and PHBC Competition winners. Overall, the closing festival is a form of expressing the committee’s gratitude that Business Week 2017 has officially ended and everybody could enjoy their happiness.


The winners of this competition are:



1st winner: One Eagles from Prasetiya Mulya

2nd winner: Es Podeng V2 from UPH

3rd winner: Team Esforz from Binus International



1st winner: Dat Puta from Ipeka Puri

2nd winner: Sarapan Khas Indonesia from SMAK 1 BPK Penabur

3rd winner: Asix from SMAK 6 BPK Penabur


Words By: Antonia Wahyudi