Fuse is an annual festival of music, arts, fashion and F&B held by Binus International Music Society. This year, the event took place at Kuningan City Ballroom and invited a total of 9 outstanding musical performances. Mayer Hawthorne, the Grammy-nominated American Singer, all the way from Los Angeles, being the main act of the event.

It was 4.30 pm in the afternoon. My colleague, Vito and I arrived, anticipation building in our minds as we took the first step into Kuningan City Mall. It took us a while to get there and we even found ourselves lost inside the mall for some time, but once we got to the venue, the place seemed fun. We were greeted by a cool, soft breeze of wind and the sound of house music playing. It was outdoors and there was a DJ booth, along with bean bag chairs, tables, and a total of 8 food tenants. The vibe was definitely relaxing and people were enjoying the afternoon.

First, we entered the indoor venue and the first room was filled with fashion tenants. The fashion styles offered were aesthetic, quirky and pop. Afterwards, the next room was a mini art gallery. The theme of the art exhibition was red, orange, yellow, black, and white. The exhibition showcased the work of Indonesian artists such as Boneka Merah, Sakinah Alatas, Alien Pang, and Liko Sukhoy Dwihandoko. Sakinah Alatas’ work in particular, intrigued me with its complexity. It is called “Unpredictable”, and it is basically constructed of hundreds of strings that forms a ship’s screen-lookalike. The writer is inspired by the aesthetics of “String Art”, which was developed by a mathematician in the early 1960s to make mathematical ideas easier to access by children. It is called unpredictable because the end-result of the shape cannot be imagined, and can only be seen when the process of making is done.

After looking through the art gallery, we proceeded to the ballroom, where the concerts would take place. The first performance is by a band called Mantra Vutura. Overall, the songs performed was eclectic, mixing electronic music with traditional instruments like the flute and traditional Indonesian drums. Afterwards, Vira Talissa brings bossa nova to the stage, turning the room into a jazzy vibe. Audiences were also entertained when she invited them to sing along throughout the song. I personally think her voice is unique and not many Indonesian artists can sing and perform in that genre. After a 10-minute break, a slow rock band called Sore took the stage. Minutes later, the crowd was twice as much as the fourth song was played. The performance was strong; the sound of the bass makes the walls seemed like they were alive.

Overall, Fuse has an easy, relaxing, enjoyable vibe to it and I believe it was not just myself who felt so. People were dancing, laughing, and nodding their heads to the rhythm of the music. It was quite an experience and I was glad I was a part of it.

Words by: Eva Jessica