Now I’m sure that each and every one of you know or have at least heard of the actor Kevin Spacey. If you haven’t – well he has appeared in numerous movies ranging from Superman Returns, to the on-going series House of Cards and his latest action movie Baby Driver. It is not an unknown fact that Spacey has been in Hollywood for a very long time. But despite all that, recent accusations from multiple sources may just destroy our perception of him.

Recently, in an interview with BuzzFeed News, actor Anthony Rapp alleged that Spacey, who is his senior by 12 years, made sexual advances towards him back when he was 17. Both knowing each other from performing on Broadway shows, Rapp said that Spacey invited him to a party at his Manhattan apartment, which is where the advances happened. Fortunately, Rapp got out of the situation; however it still haunts and confuses him even years after. Following Rapp’s accusations, numerous of other people start to open up about their “encounter” with Kevin Spacey. Kevin Beal, one of the many others that accused Spacey said that the actor insisted on giving him his Swiss watch which was worth £5,000 after doing an inappropriate act. Beal then stated that looking back, he realized that it was probably to keep him quiet.

The Old Vic – a theatre in London said that it has received 20 allegations, all from men, of unwanted sexual advances by Kevin Spacey, most of which are dated between his time as Artistic Director in the theatre. In the statement released by The Old Vic, they claimed that most victims did not report these incidents because they did not know how to respond and they did not feel like they would be given much thought given who Spacey was.

Following this horrifying news, there has been multiple actions taken by the streaming service company Netflix regarding Kevin Spacey. His ongoing TV series House of Cards, which was approaching its sixth season, was announced to be put on suspension due to these allegations against him. Netflix has also decided to stop and cancel its upcoming biopic on Gore Vidal featuring Spacey as the main lead despite it being in post-production and was set to release in 2018.

Now we can’t say for sure what drove Spacey into doing these accusations repeatedly, but looking at Beal’s confession, we can see how it seems like Spacey thinks that he could buy off anyone using his power and money. It can also be seen from the statement made by The Old Vic that for a while, it did work and no one was brave enough to come forward with accusing the actor. However in the end, it becomes apparent that even money and power can’t protect you forever.


Words by: Joanne J

Header Image is Credited to:  The New York Times