Knowledge is a versatile element to acquire since you can get them not only through classes and lectures but you can also gain them anytime and anywhere. One of the ways to get knowledge is by attending seminars and workshops. Not only that those two could gain you knowledge, it could also add up your creativity and other relevant skills. One might even be shocked how attending seminars and workshops could bring out the potential inside you.

Creative Millenial Journalism is an event held on the 2nd of May. This event enables you to get both seminars and workshops at the same time. This event is conducted by Kompas Corner as a way to celebrate its 4th birthday. Kompas Corner itself is a media community under Harian Kompas who has a room located in the 2nd-floor tower C, Universitas Multimedia Nusantara. Even though the event might seem like it’s designated for journalistic majored students, it is open to the public with various backgrounds.
In the course of the event, a seminar on the topic of “Brand Yourself with Public Speaking” will be held. The keynote speakers in this seminar will be Kompas TV news anchor Cindy Sistyarani and Riko Anggara who will share their experiences with you. This seminar’s aim is to develop your communication skill and teaches you on how to project a good branding for yourself. Besides the seminar, there will be 5 different workshops with different topics that each participant could choose.

The first workshop is “Start Your Career with a Great Interview”. Here, participants will be trained to face an interview process. This is very beneficial especially for young undergraduates who gets nervous quickly due to short amount of self-confidence. This workshop will be brought by Andre Lusi Anari, General Manager Human Resources of Kompas Gramedia.

The second workshop is “Placing the Philosophy in Logo” in which participants will be trained to enhance their creativity in the logo-making process. Here, the main message is that not only the logo have to be visually appealing, but it has to possess an impactful meaning behind it as well. This workshop will be brought by Helman Taofani, Advertising Production Manager of Harian Kompas.

The third workshop is “Food-o-Graphic” in which participants will be trained on how to beautifully capture their food moment even with only a smartphone at hand. This workshop will be brought by Natasha Halim, a food blogger.

The fourth workshop is “Inspiring Other Through Social Media”. In this workshop, participants will be trained to create a publication approved content in which the content doesn’t only need to be aesthetic however it needs to have something that will be able to spark creativity to the viewers. This workshop will be brought by Trivet Sembel from Proud Project.

The fifth workshop is “Travel: Tracing & Evaluating”. Here, participants are going to be trained to write from pictures especially pictures that you might want to commemorate from your travels. This workshop will not only train participants to describe a moment but it will also train participants on how to persuade the readers to go on the same adventure as the writers. This workshop will be brought by Ruben Kristianto.
For those of you who are eager to join this event, you can either buy the ticket in a booth at C Tower ground floor, go directly straight to Kompas Corner, or contact us via our official line. Since there are only 150 tickets available hurry up and buy the tickets now! Participants will not only gain extra knowledge, but they will also get lunch, lanyard, Kompas Gramedia Value Card, merchandise, and goodie bag. Besides that, there will be an eye-catching door prize and SKKM points for UMN students.