TONEQUITY 2017 is a primary concert of The Sound of Phoenix Orchestra that is conducted by Undergraduate Program of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya in collaboration with Svara Prasetiya Choir and Paduan Suara Ultima Sonora from Universitas Multimedia Nusantara. In its first year, TONEQUITY acquired the theme of ETHEREAL with the tagline “Evolution of Rhythm and Soul” that is conducted at 22nd April 2017 in Dome of the Harvest, Karawaci.

The show started with the song Indonesia Raya Hymne Prasetiya Mulya being played followed by an opening video and continued with greetings from the MC in which also includes a reading of rules and procedures for the show. Soon, an opening speech by Dr. Rudy Handoko as the 3rd Vice Dean for Student Activity Field Universitas Prasetiya Mulya and also from Stephany Wijaya as the chairwoman of TONEQUITY 2017.

With the theme “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”, TONEQUITY succeeded in delivering a sensational evolution to each and every audience by bringing songs from 3 different eras. The opening song is a performance by The Sound of Phoenix Orchestra that brings the song Juwita Malam to life, followed by a performance by Paduan Suara Ultima Sonora who performs the song of Kasih Tak Sampai and Svara Prasetiya Choir who performs Gangnam Style from Psy. At the end of the show, TONEQUITY is closed by the song Can’t Stop The Feeling that is performed by soloist Arvy Josh as every performers and committee goes to the front. This show is then officially ended by giving token of appreciation from Bapak Farel S.V. Sinaga S.Psi, M.A to Ninok Putri as the representation of soloist and representation of Paduan Suara Ultima Sonora, Bapak Dr. Rudy Handoko to the representation of Svara Prasetiya Choir, Jeniffer Omar as the chairwoman of The Sound of Phoenix Orchestra and to maria Gabriella Sutardjadi as the Music Director, and Bapak Bambang Triguno to Stephany Wijaya as the chairwoman of TONEQUITY 2017.

TONEQUITY managed to attract 481 audiences from Prasetiya Mulya and outside of Prasetiya Mulya who have felt an evolution sensation through the music from TONEQUITY. See you in TONEQUITY 2018!

Image is Credited to TONEQUITY 2017