Since we were born, we were taught to respect women, simply because our mom is one of them. As we grew older, we began to live in a broader society where the number of women we face each and everyday grows even larger. Women and men have become one and obliged to live together and respect each other wholeheartedly.

Women in Indonesia used to ask for equality. If we take a look back to the days where only men were allowed to gain formal education, it was never fair for women in so many ways. We weren’t allowed to have formal educations of any form, but no one heard our voices. Until a women, a hero, named R.A. Kartini appeared and stood up for our rights. Since then we gained knowledge and were able to step up for ourselves. We were no longer relying too much on men, since we knew all along that we were able to do thigs for our own good. This form of women empowerment deserves a celebration.

That is why on March 8, women all over the world celebrates the International women’s day. This year has been a wild ride for women across the globe. They get the chance to witness the death of her family members if they are from the war-zone, being illegally outcast, and banned. That is why in order to give salutations upon all the women in the world, we celebrate International Women’s Day.

The latest International Women’s Day was being held on March 8th, and as a form of celebration, this year, women across Indonesia celebrated it with a Women’s March. It was an event where all the women gathered around in Jakarta and march across the city to state and remind everyone about their rights and their thoughts upon feminism. They voiced out their thoughts upon sexual harassment and how women should be treated. This event wasn’t attended by women only, but also buy several men who fight for feminism and gender equality.

The most famous issue we know regarding gender equality happens in our working environment where men could easily get into the top positions while women need to fight for it. Even sexual harassment could also happen in our working environment. Sometimes, as a women we cannot change how our environment treats us, but we can show them how we want to be treated and they would probably stop treating us as they like. Show them that women deserves as much respect as men by achieving best in all assignments thrown at us.

We as a women, we always give twice what have been given to us. When they give us a house, we could give them home (a feeling). Show them what a women can do. Giving the society an extra mile is one of the keys to gain respect from women.

Let’s respect each other’s rights and live as equal.

Write to you later.

Words By: Veda Renata