With the release of Rogue One-A Star Wars Story nearing the horizon, moviegoers and long time fan of the Star Wars Saga,  Rogue one is a love letter to the long time fans who appreciate the grittiness of the 5th Star Wars installment and a film that would pay homage to the Star Wars sequel and prequel trilogy.

Finally, the wait is almost over, everyone can’t wait to see the death star, Mon Mothma and the infamous LORD VADER. Of course to anticipate the hype it is a must for long time fan to watch all the Star Wars Saga from the Phantom Menace to the Force Awakens, but for all the sci-fi lovers out there it is best to go beyond the Star Wars Lore, and venture forth to the Galaxy Far-Far-Away by watching our 5 favorite Sci-Fi movies of all time.


    Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back

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Okay maybe I’ve to break the rule by placing Empire Strike’s Back here, but come on Empire Strikes Back is a must watch for everyone. Not only for the fans but also everyone, even new generations of moviegoers. This is the best if not the greatest Star Wars movie ever. From the moment the movie starts till finish, every scene is memorable and one has become one of the most iconic scenes of all time, well not going to ruin everybody’s day by spoiling it but it has something to do with “I AM YOUR FATHER”.  Not only that, Empire Strike’s Back improves on the foundation of the first, giving us more than just sci-fi action but also the grittiness of the franchise that changes the Star Wars Universe forever.

 Empire Strikes Back has inspired Rogue One on its basic foundation of being different from the other franchise, a Star Wars story that is darker than previous iterations and this time telling the stories of soldiers, fighter, misfits, but most of all heroes that Hopes in the better future of the world.


    Blade Runner

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First, of the Sci-Fi Cult Classic,  a Sci-fi film that is different from the others,  and one might say one of the best sci-fi movie ever made, not because of the futuristic settings, gadgets, creatures, battleships, and flying cars but the idea, the concept behind the movie. Blade Runner succeeds in depicting the effects of technology to humans, and how technology has a huge impact on the human existence itself.

Starring Harrison Ford, who could have guessed? As Rick Deckard a detective (Blade Runner) who hunts this so called Replicants, a genetically engineered human cyborg that has gone rogue. Themes like, dehumanization, a technological yet capitalistic society, and the meaning of existence itself are also being tackled here.  This theme created a sort of ambiance to the movie that makes this movie one of the best Sci-Fi movie during its time.



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Who doesn’t know aliens, those weird looking alien like creature that stalks their preys and, well you know the rest. Aliens have been one of the biggest hits of all time. Created by the same mind that made Blade Runner, Ridley Scott. Aliens was one of its kind, nothing was like this back then. A new kind of genre which mixed both Sci-Fi and Horror. What makes this movie much more fascinating is the fact of how well the lore behind the world is build, how believable it is.

Of course, the premise is different from any other typical horror movie. A spaceship named the “Nostromo” receives a strange signal that led 10 of the crewmember on the run against something beyond their expectations. From the cinematography to the acting they are all amazing, a perfectly mix of sound and visuals that made every scene stands out, how there’s a great sense of uneasiness from the beginning to the end of the movie. Aliens, of course, broke the hero of the day stereotype by bringing us Ellen Ripley played by the ever talented Sigourney Weaver. This makes Aliens a masterpiece in the history of movie making, it breaks and redefines both the Sci-Fi genre and the horror genre, into one amazing universe – the Aliens universe.


Back To The Future

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      One of the most favorite sci-fi to date, loved by many. Starring all time favorite Marty McFly and the infamous inventor of the wondrous time machine Doc Brown. Back to The Future gives us more than just fun and exhilarating adventure but one of the most iconic cars ever invented the 1981 Delorean DMC-12, a car that is not only for show but a true masterpiece at that time. Back to the future has given us more than just thrill-seeking adventure, but also it has given us a glimpse of the future and how the future might have been today.

    Marty and Doc Brown has taken into many grand adventures from the wild west to the 80s, the future that is 2015 and to not-so-distant dystopia. Every timeline shows unique characters and even more unique setting that make every journey different from one another. What sets this sci-fi cult classic apart from all the other sci-fi cult classic on this list is that Back to the future is fun, exciting, yet at heart, it’s a sci-fi comedy which is very different to the other sci-fi movies we’ve talked about so far. Back to the future even tried to predict how 2015 would look like, even though they only got two things right; self-tying shoes and a “hoverboard”, which to say is an awesome invention indeed.


    Terminator 2: Judgement Day

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       Alright cue the epic music, you guess it, it’s the Terminator. A staple for all sci-fi action, it sets the bar of what an action movie should be. Let’s see a killer cyborg from the future (yes), a badass heroine (yes), leather jacket (yes), cool motorcycle and freaking Arnold Schwarzenegger (yes, yes & yes). Featuring a story that is different and new at that time the movie tells the story of an android (T-800) sent from the future to save John Connor who said to be the last savior of mankind. Not only that the movie has broken the gender barrier by giving us a female lead heroine played by Linda Hamilton. Directed by James Cameron the movie shows the undeniable talent that James Cameron have and don’t forget a stunning visual to boost.

       The Terminator saga had made us questioned the very existence of mankind but also how the advancement of technology is moving rapidly and how maybe technology could be also the end of us all.The terminator not only it is a sci-fi hit but it is also a standing point for actor Arnold Schwarzenegger as the heart and soul of a terminator.

All right that is all the Sci-Fi Cult classic that you should be watching right now, yeah right about now after you read the article. Oh and don’t forget it’s also a good time to actually watch Aliens and Blade Runner again, since a new movie for alien is coming May 2017 called Alien covenant and a sequel to Blade Runner, named Blade Runner 2049 is coming in October 2017 with the new addition of Ryan Gosling as the leading cast.


Words By: Adrian R

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