Welcome to the world of local cosmetic products!

Local beauty products have been skyrocketing since the last two years. Even though Dear Me Beauty is considered as a newcomer, their first collection (Comfort Matte CreaMe) was a whole success that the most best-selling shade, Dear Anna, continued to sold out everywhere. Since then, Dear Me has become one of most-loved lipstick in the first quarter of 2018 by Indonesian beauty vloggers.

To the ones who are new to Dear Me Beauty, this company has rebranded from Dear Me Cosmetics to Dear Me Beauty, followed by the launching of their new series,Perfect Matte Lip Coat. Recently, Dear Me Beauty has celebrated their first anniversary on the 14th of November. Happy 1st to Dear Me Beauty!

​This year, Dear Me has managed to collaborate with one of our generation’s loved cartoons, Snoopy! The collection itself came out with 4 shades; mauve nude (Dear Sally), light-brick-brown nude (Dear Lucy), maroon-red (Dear Patty), and reddish-plum (Dear Marcie). Usually, the shades of Dear Me Beauty’s lipsticks were named after people’s name. But this time, the shades were named after the characters of Snoopy! Dear Lucy for Lucy van Peit, Dear Sally for Sally Brown, Dear Patty for Peppermint Patty and lastly Dear Marcie for Marcie herself. The packaging itself is really distinguishable, as yellow for Lucy, blue for Sally, green for Patty, and red for Marcie. And for the bottle of the matte lipsticks, Dear Me changed it into white one, instead of the standard Perfect Matte Lip Coat’s bottle, light brown.

​The formula for lipstick stays the same as in airy and lightweight formula, paraben-free, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and moisturizing-but-matte feeling on the lips! Thanks to Argan Oil, the formula hydrates cracked lips and even adds plumpness on the lips. Also, if you are that quite-sensitive-to-smell ones, this formula smells like vanilla cupcakes, but not the strong, sweet smell though. Cute packaging, comfy formula and sweet scent of vanilla. Isn’t it a great combi?

​ One more thing that differs in this collaboration: inside the box of the lipstick, you will find a sheet of stickers—of course Snoopy and Friends ones—so you can decorate the lipstick tubes with stickers. The stickers came out in mini sizes, also the characters of Snoopy (Lucy, Patty, Sally, and Marcie) are printed as transparent. With a twist of Snoopy stickers, how cute is the whole collaboration? Too cute!

​In terms of local products, Dear Me Beauty has set a new standard for its formula, packaging, and also concept. Dear Me Beauty is directed to young people with classy but also fun for teenagers. Each lipstick can be bought with only 119.000 Rupiah at Dear Me Beauty Official Stores in Shopee Indonesia, Sociolla, and also Makeupuccino.

​You can also check their collections of Dear Me Beauty including Airy Poreless Powder, Perfect Matte Lip Coat, and 3-in-1 Multistick Crayon. Lastly, thumbs up for this one-year local brand!

(cr photo: google.com, lippielust, dearmebeauty)

Words by: Florence Ivanny