Their Finest

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Their finest, let’s just say it’s a fine movie carried by, not only an interesting story behind the makings of a Propaganda film, but also amazing performances from actress Gemma Arterton (Catrin Cole), Bill Nighy (Ambrose Hilliard), and Sam Claflin (Tom Buckley). Catrin Cole, a married woman, was hired by the British Ministry as a scriptwriter to add a bit of a women touch to their Propaganda film. Catrin quickly got noticed by many, including a talented scriptwriter Buckley. With their passion towards films, both Catrin and Buckley set out to create a one of a kind film based on the Dunkirk rescue starring a former performer Ambrose Hilliard. As the situation gets much more dangerous in the city of London, Catrin and Buckley need to create this movie in time to warm the hearts of many in this hard war times.

A film about creating a film, especially a propaganda film, a film made not only for entertainment but to boost the morale of the citizen of London. This movie will not only depict the difficult life of being women in the 40’s, the harsh condition of war, but also a comedic and romantic twist that will surely make the audience heart warmed.


The Fate of Furious

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Of course, I’m going to put this in the movies to watch list this month. It’s the fast and furious, I mean who doesn’t watch the fast and furious franchise? This is basically a movie that everyone will watch, it is the Avengers of action movies genre. The fate of the Furious is the 7th installment of the Fast and Furious franchise in its own cinematic universe, and of course with new and unique exotic cars. The story expands the ever loving franchise of the fast and furious, with all the characters finally living their life with the retirement of Brian and Mia and also the now married Dom and Letty. Things soon take a turn when Dom betrayed his friends, and it’s up to them to bring back the man who started it all.

What else can I say, it’s the fast and furious series so head on there on watch fun-thrilling actions with some family love. With the loveable and fun cast such as the like of Vin Diesel, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and even to the award-winning actress Charlize Theron. So go Watch it.


The Lost city of Z

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For all those seeking for adventure but doesn’t have the time for it, here comes “The Lost city of Z” The Lost city of Z is a movie based on the author David Grann that tells the true story of British explorer Percy Fawcett played by Charlie Hunnam, who sets forth a journey to the amazon at the early dawn of the 20th century, to seek the unknown advanced civilization that may have to reside in that region. This movie tells the story of Percy’s struggles in trying to find faith in the heart of many and the disbeliefs of many scientists. With the help of his son played by Tom Holland, his wife played by Sienna Miller and his aide henry Costin played by Robert Pattinson. The lost city of Z is a story of adventure with epic proportions, and it’s an image for adventure seekers out there who is driven by obsession.

It’s been a long time since we have an adventure story like this, especially based on true events. As I said before this movie was made for the adventure/thrill seekers, with cinematography that really captures the atmosphere of the amazon makes the audience feel like they are one with the adventure.


Free Fire

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A high octane action, about an arms deal that has gone awry. From a planned arms deal the situation quickly change into an explosive shootout where every men and woman for themselves. Despite its action based scenes, this movie is completed by witty one-liners that keep things fun and fresh at the same time. Set in the 1970s Boston, everyone goes wild with their gun keeping things heated and electrifying.

This movie certainly breaks the paradigm of action movies in which are just only full of explosions and roaming bullets as Free Fire lets you explore the comedy side of action movies as well through its savage humor. Starting with the likes of Armie Hammer, Brie Larson, Cillian Murphy and Sharlto Copey, this movie will surely give you one hell of a spectacular action.


The Circle

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A movie starring Emma Watson (Mae Holland), Tom Hanks (Bailey) and John Boyega (Kalden). Explore on a modern thriller about a woman, Mae Holland, who was hired to the largest and most-advanced Tech & Social media company only to rose on top and was encouraged by the CEO, Bailey, and asked to join a secret project that will break the boundaries of ethics and even personal freedom. A really gruesome look at power and control, where a media mogul tries to take hold of everything and the scariest of all, our own freedom. This movie could actually represent how society could become in the near future with our fast-pacing development of technology.

This movie is a much watch for those who can’t still get their mind of Beauty and the Beast since well you will see Beauty again. This will surely be a movie to watch on your list.


Words By: Adrian Wisnubroto