A novel by Garth Stein

The month of December is a month full of warmth and joy to prepare you for the upcoming year to come. With every ending, comes a new beginning; making it the perfect time for you to pick up a new hobby- reading in this case. Here, I will bring to you one heartfelt book recommendation as a starter.


The book “The Art of Racing in the Rain” written by Garth Stein tells a story about the complexities of human life, through the point of a view of a loving dog named Enzo. He is a Labrador who loves watching race cars and hopes to be a race car driver one day. Enzo spends his days learning and observing race cars through watching TV and learning what he can from his master and best friend Denny, who is also a race car driver. He believes in the Mongolian legend that a dog who is prepared will be reincarnated as a human in its next life.

Enzo lives in a family of three consisting of Denny, his wife Eve, and their daughter Zoe. He considers himself a philosopher and often relates the life he circulates in with racing philosophies. Everything was all good until Denny’s wife fell sick and the family had to face being torn apart.

The Art of Racing in the Rain is funny, heart warming, and very relatable at the same time. It is so descriptive that it is able to transfer readers into the life of a dog, which is interesting as it is unique. It give readers a fresh new insight. It tells us how dogs live simple lives but even so, they have big hearts, whereas humans like to complicate things when it shouldn’t have to be. Moreover, it brilliantly captures both the struggles of life and the beauty of it. However, the one thing it lacks is perhaps the depth and intensity of the drama.

Published in 2008, it is definitely not a new book. However, it is still worth to read. There is even a simpler version made for kids. Honestly, I myself have re-read it at least three times. Yes, it is that good.


“You are not the only one experiencing a storm. Some of just choose to see the beauty in the lightning, find comfort in the thunder, and play in the rain.” – Garth Stein.


Words By: Eva Jessica Tiono

Image credited to: wordpress