Address : Foresta Business Loft 2 no. 20

Operating Hours: 09.00 am – 18.30 pm (Monday to Sunday)


Another great place to visit.

The whole décor of the place screams comfort. Even though it may seem a bit plain, the place has its own definition of ‘pretty’. They only serve pastries and beverages, so it is perfect if you are looking for a place to chill and relax. It’s close-by, so for Prasmulyan who wants to change up their meeting place, be my guest. One thing I really love about this place is that they have a long table, with one outlet for each seat. Really convenient, especially if you are doing your assignments at the same time.

Coffee lovers, rejoice. Maybe you prefer a stronger type of coffee but you are not a really big fan of the bitterness, they have it. Or maybe you like creamy coffee but you don’t really like its heaviness, they also have it. There are no words to describe it because I didn’t think it was possible.

I got Piccolo and Flat White for coffee, and Ice Lemon Tea for beverages. These were the ones I mentioned above, the combination of things I didn’t think was possible before. I wasn’t a big fan of the Ice Lemon Tea because they used jasmine tea and it’s clearly not for me. For pastries, I got Almond Croissant, but it’s not really something to get excited about. And of course, I brought friends. Friends who are serious about their coffee, at best. I spent in total Rp122.000,00 after tax, and I would say it’s worth it.

Highly recommended, why?

Affordable coffee—completed with complementary cake—relaxing atmosphere, and last but not least, wifi.


Words By: Janniece Stephannie

Images are Credited to: Excell Hendriksen (@Excell_14)