Address: Jl. Kemang Raya No.8B, RT.9/RW.1, Bangka, Mampang Prpt., Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12730, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 10.00AM-10.00PM

For decades, Star Wars has continued to strive as one of the most beloved sci-fi movies of all time, and this can be proved by the numerous amount of enthusiasts trying to express their love for Star Wars throughout their everyday lives. As for me, I try to explore this fanatic world of Star Wars by giving myself a treat at Ruang Seduh in Kemang.

Located in the backyard of Aksara, I was welcomed by the dynamic ambiance of a bookstore covered in bricks. After making way across the bookstore, I arrived at some kind of a transitional space with minimalistic settings, complemented by a fountain in my right, and a vinyl store in my left, bringing a sudden change of atmosphere into a truly zen state of mind. At the end of this space would then I found the door that leads me to Ruang Seduh Cafe- where the second drastic change of atmosphere awaits.

Dedicated as a Star Wars cafe, this place is designed with a futuristic interior, covered in white and lights. The counter is very sleek and on top of the counter lies a stake with a stormtrooper head miniature on top of it. Within a glance, you can directly tell that this figure is the centerpiece of the whole area. Feeling the Star Wars vibe, I decided to order Sith Lord, their signature hot chocolate.

Unlike the coffee shop, the sitting area emits a bohemian vintage feel. Within a jiff, I can feel the surging waves of warmth passing through me as I enjoy my drink accompanied by the serenade of Parisian cafe music. Vintage books, as well as classic movie posters was put on display, standing as sweet reminders of the past.

Overall, Ruang Seduh is a unique place that doesn’t only offer you drinks, but also offers you an experience of having to enjoy a various different atmospheres. But most important of all, Ruang Seduh is the perfect place to chill while expressing your inner Star Wars as the force is strong with this one 😉


Words By: Clara Rahardja

 All Images are Credited to: @ruangseduh (Instagram)