Address: Ruko Graha Boulevard Blok D/15, Jalan Gading Serpong Boulevard, Gading serpong, Tangerang, Banten 15810, Indonesia

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday: 8.30AM – 10.30PM, Saturday-Sunday: 8.30AM – 11.30PM

November is coming to an end, and the cold breeze of December will soon approach. Imagine how good it would be to sip a cup of hot coffee, accompanied by ginger cookies and the mellow tunes from your playlist. Add up the happiness level by asking your best friend to join you, or go with your lover instead.

Picture how nice it would be sitting in front of them, hearing all the laugh, the joy, or maybe even the pain they’re getting through. What makes it even better? Doing it in a coffee shop.

Almost every coffee shops nowadays offers a really nice ambience. From the moment you entered the door, you could smell the roasted coffee beans and you could sometimes feel the warmth of its interior, and occasionally, you will get the friendly “hello” from the baristas as they made the orders as well.

If you’re looking for a short relaxation after class, there’s a perfect place for you. Located in Gading Serpong Boulevard, Scandinavian coffee offers you more than just a friendly smile and a good coffee, but it also offers you Instagram-worthy places.

I decided to go there and bring along a company. I started to get lost in between all of the picturesque spots as I walked through the door. They provide such a warm ambience for all their visitors.

I walked upstairs to find more empty spaces at the 2nd floor. In the center of the 2nd floor, a big table with 8 seats is placed. It is where you can sit and hang out with your friends or simply share it with a random stranger, who knows you both would  turn out to be best friends or working buddy in the future.

It had rained all day long so by looking at the menu, I decided to order a cup of hot vanilla latte and a giant slice of a black forest mille crepes. The day suddenly felt a lot better. The customers’ favorite menu is the cold red velvet latte which my friend ordered.

For me, Scandinavian Coffee is one of those coffee shops that delivers and serves you not only a good coffee but also really good vibes.

This place is highly recommended for us, Prasmulyans, when it comes to looking for a place to discuss your assignments or to simply just hang out with your good companions.



Words By: Veda Renata

All Images are Credited to: @scandinaviancoffeeshop (Instagram)