Nowadays, the beauty of aesthetically pleasing cafés is a must-go for us, people of the social media era. The ambience brought directly through the lens of both the eye and a camera has a way of fulfilling our modern-day satisfactory needs. As the trend never seizes to slow down with all the tremendous changes and outstanding innovations, Monokuro joins the bandwagon with a touch of its own uniqueness.

This café adopts a fusion of both minimalistic and monochromatic approach in terms of its interior. Despite the relatively dim ambience in the view of the walls and cement-based seats, the atmosphere is brilliantly balanced with light music and good lighting. One thing you’ll definitely notice is the vibe of the legendary sci-fi movie –Star Wars– with the Death Star action figure, Darth Vader, and the Stormtrooper shaped carpet decorated the place throughout. Yes, you guessed it! The owner is a die hard Star Wars fan!

The aesthetic doesn’t just stop there. Monokuro’s food presentation and plating could be considered 5 stars! Their plates have a rustic kind-of-vibe and their coasters are made out of pentagon-shaped marble. Food-wise, they make it look like art. Monokuro combines the importance of both taste and color in a dish and assemble it to the point where you feel like devouring a masterpiece. That’s not even the best part just yet. They use real flowers as a garnish for their dishes and it’s totally edible! It’s like you’re hungry, but at the same time you don’t want to destroy what has come to seem like Picasso’s artwork. Sigh…

What makes a distinct difference for Monokuro compared to other cafés is how they name their dishes. Feeling like having a delicious braised pork belly? Try their ‘Oh no my Belly!’, or maybe pork is a little too extreme and you prefer chicken instead? Have a go at their ‘I Give You all of Me!’. What about a fancy dessert perhaps? ‘Better Than Sugar Daddy’ will undoubtedly satisfy your sweet tooth!

Alas, Monokuro completes the whole ‘perfect package’ by providing us with a high-speed wi-fi. So if you’re looking for a place to brainstorm with your peers or simply wander for a good cup of coffee around Gading Serpong, this is the place to go. Cost-wise, the food ranges from 30.000 up to 100.000 rupiah. I guarantee you, time and money here, will be well spent.


Words By: Amanda Celine E.