Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to a sudden deep thought about life? Or have you ever stayed up late working on all your assignments and suddenly something crossed your mind about the things you regret not having the chance to do?

You probably came up with something as you read this article. Well, let it consume you. Let whatever you have right there inside your mind swallows you emotionally.

I used to have this weird habit of waking up in the middle of the night and started to think about random things. Things that sound impossible to be done or something that I want to do in the future. But one night, a deep thought crossed my mind about the things I didn’t do for some reason, and how that thought led me to several mental breakdowns.

One of my biggest regrets is not trying hard enough during the SBMPTN test to enter the state university that I wanted, and it consumed me.

Maybe, some of you used to face the same situation regarding the SBMPTN test, or whatever crossed your mind about how you didn’t give your 100% effort upon things you should’ve given it to. Like probably not having the guts to talk to someone you’ve adored for a long time, or even holding words and let it remain unspoken.

Today I would like to remind you that no matter how big those regrets are, it wouldn’t change anything in the present and that those regrets could turn into nothing but burdens for yourself. Instead, the only thing you could do is having a different perspective upon it, see it as a lesson, and have faith in the future.

Today, we could learn our lesson from Steve Jobs. See how the Apple company grows rapidly throughout the years? Steve Jobs gave up the control of Apple in 1977. He gave up on the brand he started and gave it away to his partner. This has been one of Steve Jobs greatest regrets. This happened just because he wasn’t ready to be the CEO. Steve Jobs had not realized the true potential he had in him.  And through his regret, he managed to take back Apple Inc. and be braver than ever to lead such a big company.

Through Steve Jobs, we could learn that your regret could eventually build your courage to keep on trying and to maximize the potential you have within you.

It may be hard in the beginning as you are still afraid of taking new chances and making the wrong decision, but no matter how scared you are, at least have that little faith in the future you’re going to hold. Once you’ve realized the mistake that you’ve done in the past, learn your lesson so you wouldn’t have to make the same mistake twice.

In the end, all the things you did in the past indeed define you, including the decisions you’ve made, and it is a need to have your biggest regret, not to make it a burden for yourself but more to making it a lesson for the future.

Write to you later!

Words by: Veda Renata