Congratulations all! Here are this issue’s submission winners:

1. In the West
By Stella Marsella Nongka

They have bullets chasing
behind the graceful haze
Sinking on the bed of roses
along with a goblet of blood
that comes from their heroes
Through the bruising ribs
and a liver of sins
until the end of the war.

He breathes and anguish vow
the darkness blinding close
He bids farewell to the affray
The grief never drowns away
with falling tears keep linger on
until the last drop of heaven.

In the mourning he stays awake
to keep himself close to the stoic souls
and admonish them from macabre
His heart erodes with fear
but he will madly adorn it
with strength and faith

When the torn sky heals
I see no grave feeling grateful
but he buries himself
in the arms of his ancestors.

At the southern west
his lungs corrupt with brine
He leaves his armour on the basalt
and forgives the blood on his sword
with barehands and prayers.

River brews into red
full of silver lining hearts
He ignites the bravest ones
with promises of sacred hopes
saying goodbye forever love
No more orders, peaceful sleeps
outside the bravado ends

But they will always remember
that home is never anything
but arms to hold
and a war to fight
with his legion of the light.


2. A Game of Thrones
By Russel Suarly

Photo taken by me and also edited by me. The photo was taken in West Sumatra, Padang.


Thank you to everyone who submitted and partcipated on our submission competition! For those of you haven’t got the chance to join, don’t worry because we still have plenty of submission periods for you to participate in! Stay creative, fellas!