Our body is full of surprising spectacles that can be quite an oddball and yet remains beautiful.

It is odd how this universe works- there are countless numbers of galaxies, one of it is ours- a galaxy that is filled with 8 planets. And amongst those planets, we have one planet Earth- the strangest one out of all. Apparently, the way this universe is created, only one of the 8 planets is found suitable to sustain life forms. On top of that, there lies the weirdest entity out of all as the human life came upon existence. Well, let me get it straight to the point. Humans are weird. Period…


….But surprisingly interesting too. Here are some of the list why:

  1. You should drink your own urine
  2. Our poo floats
  3. Our feet goes to sleep
  4. We can crack our knuckles
  5. We get HUGE bags under our eyes when we’re tired
  6. Eating carrots does (not) improve our vision
  7. MEN do get MENopause
  8. Cold weather doesn’t give us colds (?) (?) (?)

Confused? Well scroll down to find out more



Image is Credited to botanize.tumblr


Confusing Fact No. 1: You should drink your own urine

If you’re currently thinking urine contains some precious minerals and vitamins that can add up health benefits to your body, you’re DEFINITELY WRONG. After all, urine is a waste that your kidney produces. Then you might think, then when is it okay to drink your own urine. Well, if you’re stranded on a deserted island, it’s better to drink your own urine than the seawater.

Seawater is three times more concentrated than blood which means it’s also highly more concentrated than your body fluids. As a result of drinking salt water, you’ll make routine roll calls to the “urinal” as you will pee a lot and as a result of having to pee a lot, your body would lose a lot of excess water- a component that YOU should be SAVING right now. If this happens, then your body would become dehydrated as it leaves the excess of sodium in your blood thus making all the water to leave your cells and enter the bloodstream in which the kidney would process and drain out to make urine. Not only that you will lose excess water, your cells could also shrink and malfunction. If this happens, your muscles will start to slowly deteriorate, your heart would beat irregularly and eventually, your life would be over without you know it.

Because of all the effects that drinking seawater causes to your body,  it is safer to drink your own urine if you don’t have any water (rain water is okay, seawater is a major no-no) to drink as you will not be dehydrated and will not produce extra urine.


Image is Credited to criwes.tumblr

Unimportant yet Interesting Fact No. 2: Our poo floats

Okay, it might sound unimportant but who’s not curious to know for sure why our poo floats. No matter how much you eat, or how heavy your poo might get, it floats. You could be eating a 3-course dinner with extra desserts and eat another round of 3-course dinner and yet, our poo still floats. Weird right. Well, the truth is it is the increased level of air and gas that makes poo less dense and therefore, weighs lighter than it actually appears.

Therefore, don’t worry to be eating too much because at least, your poo floats.


Image is Credited to 0326x.tumblr


Oddballs Fact No.3: Our feet falls asleep

I’m sure that a lot of you has experienced this before, having your feet asleep. In Indonesia, we usually called this odd phenomenon ‘kesemutan’. Actually, it’s not that your feet is sleeping or it’s been filled with ants as the name suggest, what happens is when pressure is given to a part of your leg or arm, the arteries become compressed thus making them unable to provide tissues and nerves with oxygen and glucose they needed to function well. Besides that, nerve pathways can also be blocked, preventing the transmission of electrochemical impulses to the brain which results in some of the nerves to act passively while the others hyperactively. This is then interpreted into a burning, prickling, and tingling sensation every time you try to move your foot. Advance stuff huh..

Well, to make it more simple, basically because the extra pressure you give to your limbs, your oxygen, glucose, and nerve pathways are blocked causing your feet to “falls asleep”. It is said that shaking your foot can release the pressure, making your blood flows back to the area and making your nerve cells to perform more in sync. However, you might feel greater pain when doing this. But don’t worry too much because the greater the pain is, it means the faster you’re recovering.


Image is Credited to asenabiyon.tumblr

Peculiar Fact No.4: We can crack our knuckles

As we go through some boring activities in our daily life, sometimes cracking our knuckles can add a certain element of fun that lets us bear through it. There are also times where as we go through a busy and hectic day, cracking our knuckles gives a sense of relieve. Because of the increasing trend in cracking our knuckles, we sometimes questioned whether its bad or not to crack our knuckles. The answer is yes, but not that bad. Cracking our knuckles won’t give us arthritis. It would cause us several damages such as stretching of the ligaments, and a decrease in grip strength, though.

From here, we then ask. Why is it not that bad. The pop itself is produced in the joint when bubbles in the synovial fluid around the joint bursts. That is why cracking our knuckles won’t give us chronic injuries although cracking them too much or too strong might cause damage.


Image is Credited to oceans.tumblr

Bizarre Fact No. 5: We get HUGE bags under our eyes when we’re tired

Don’t believe it? Just go through a university hall during cut-off dates or exam week then you’ll see hundreds of sleepless zombies carrying around huge bags under their eyes. The bag’s size varies, though, small tote bags for those who only slept for 3 hours and heavy Prada bags for those who haven’t slept for 3 days in a row. To be honest, no one has actually found out concrete reasons as to why this happens. But one of the most convincing hypothesis is because the skin around the eye is the thinnest found on the body, it allows dark venous blood to show through. Another reason might also be genetics.

Even though there’s no absolute solution as to how to get rid of them, they can appear to be less noticeable as you maintain a good sleeping habit and overall good health condition.


Image is Credited to timblr.tumblr

The “I’ve Been Lied My Whole Life” Fact No.6: Eating carrots does not improve our vision

The tale of men having to over-believe what carrots could do dates back from the era of Roman emperor Caligula. He said that carrots had the properties of an aphrodisiac which makes men more potent and women more submissive. As a result to this, Roman Senates devours the carrots served in a banquet like wild beasts while the truth is, the emperor only said that so that he can see his senates to act like wild beasts for a night. In conclusion, carrot does not have aphrodisiac properties.

The second tale originated from World War II when British Royal Air Force was trying to hide the fact that they developed a more sophisticated airborne radar system than the Germans. To perfectly covered it up, they started to make rumors how British fighter pilots have a great night time accuracy because they were fed a lot of carrots.

The truth is, carrots are rich in beta-carotene, a substance that the body converts to vitamin A. It is also true that deficiency in vitamin A can cause blindness. However, only a small amount of beta-carotene is necessary for your vision and if you’re not deficient in vitamin A, your vision would not improve regardless of how many beta-carotene containing food you consume. In fact, having too much of vitamin A can cause toxicity with symptoms such as yellow-orange coloring of the skin, hair loss, weight loss, fatigue, and headaches that endangers your health as much as you believe it to be extremely good for you


Image is Credited to wolfya.tumblr

Surreal Fact No. 7: MEN do get MENopause

We all know that once a women reach the age of 50, she will be more likely to get through menopause. But how about men? Do they get menopause? Well, unlike a woman who is born with all the eggs supply she will ever have, a man’s supply of sperm is renewed throughout his life. So technically, no men don’t get menopause- at least not if we consider the range of menopause within a person’s life span. However, a research from The World Health Organization shows that currently a normal sperm count consists of twenty million sperm per ejaculate but twenty-five years ago, the normal count was near one hundred million which is a decrease approximately about 20%. So now, knowing this fact I guess MEN do get MENopause- but only in the count of decades.


Image is Credited to ghlorie.tumblr

Grotesque Fact No. THE LAST FACT: We get cold not because of cold weather

Yes. We don’t get colds because we’re exposed to windy or cold weather. It’s because we’re exposed to cold viruses. and yes, this means that if the virus exists even on the hottest places on Earth, there might still be a chance that we’ll get colds.

So, as long as you rest well and maintain a healthy lifestyle with healthy diets and regular exercise routines, you’ll have a better defense on colds and if you’re in one, to fight it off. Another misconception is also how you can fight off your cold by consuming your good old trusted antibiotics. Always keep in mind that antibiotics won’t work on your colds because antibiotics are designed to fight off bacterias and not viruses. Just simply force yourself to break your unhealthy routine for once and exchange it for something better and you’ll get better in a second.

Words By: Clara Rahardja

Header Image is Credited to: unwakeable.tumblr