Have you ever wondered where do your ancestors come from? Why are people from different corners on this very planet looks different? Why are you short when compared to Western people? The answer is simple: because we come from different races. Commonly we know races as Asians, African-American, Caucasian, and much more. Well, actually those terms of different races came from the Latin names of the three major races in the world which are Mongoloid, Caucasoid and Negroid.


Mongoloid Race

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Us, Asians are classified as the Mongoloid Race. The most significant characteristic of the Mongoloid people is their small and short torso. There are three types of Mongoloid Race: Malayan Mongoloid, Asiatic Mongoloid, and American Mongoloid. People with the Malayan Mongoloid race are the people who live in Southeast Asia including us Indonesians. Most Malayan Mongoloid people have yellow to brown skin complexion, big eyes, and black hair. While Asiatic Mongoloid people are the one who lives in East Asia like China, Korea, and Japan. Compared to Malayan Mongoloid, people of this race have yellow-ish skin and slanted eyes. American Mongoloid people are the people whom we commonly called as “American Indians”. People of this race have reddish-white skin and pointy nose.


Caucasoid Race

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The main characteristics of the Caucasian Race are tall in height and have a white skin. The Caucasians that lives in North America, Australia, and New Zealand are the descendants of the original Caucasians that lives in Europe, South Africa, Middle East Asia, Pakistan, and North India. There are three major sub-races of the Caucasoid Race, which are Nordic Caucasoid that lives in Northern Europe, Alpine Caucasoid who resides in Central and Eastern Europe, and the Mediterranean Caucasoid, the people of Mediterranean area (Armenia, UAE, Iran). According to Madison Grant, a eugenicist (eugenics is a set of beliefs that aims at improving the genetic quality of a group of individuals), Nordic people are “very tall, fair skinned, with blond, brown or red hair, and light colored eyes.” While the Alpine people are quite unique: they are relatively short in height because of their short legs, the color of their skin is “intermediate white” as not as fair as the Nordics and not as dark as the Mediterranean. Mediterranean people have the characteristics of medium stature, has dark hair and eyes, and commonly their skin has the olive complexion.




Negroid Race

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This is the race that most people call as the “black people” or African-American because of their dark skin. Other than dark skin, their main characteristics are thick lips and curly hair. Most Negroid people settles at the southern part of the African continent. Most of their descendants reside in North America, South America, Europe, and also Middle East Asia. There are three major Negroid sub-races: African Negroid that lives on the African continent, Negrito that is known as the Filipinos, and the Melanesians of the Melanesian area (from Papua all the way to Fiji Island).


Now at least you know why people from different corners of the world looks different but in the end, although from the outside we look different, we are all the same on the inside. We all have the same brain, heart, and feelings. Difference and diversity are the things that make this world so wonderful and colorful. If you want this beautiful earth to stay beautiful, lets respect differences!


Words By: Antonia Wahyudi

Header Image is Credited to: tumblr.com