It was a cold night and I was walking home from work. It was such a tiring day. I’ve been working on such important things for hours just to get myself a proper break in December. I hate to pick up calls asking me simply to do things. My work had me overwhelmed. I was thinking about quitting the job 2 months ago, but boy, how will I pay my bills?

I decided to stop by into a diner just to have a quick midnight bite. The waiter asked me which from the menu I would like to have. I said, “I want a chicken wrap and a glass of bourbon please”.

A 90s song was playing as I wait for my orders to come. The song was soothing, it gave me chills. Well, probably because it was -5 degrees outside. To my consciousness, a man, wearing all black entered the diner and sat next to me. I got this weird feeling about him as if he was a villain in the comic books I’ve always loved to read, but I guess I was just playing with my mind. He sat there in silence, and none of us would start the conversation. I decided to play by his rule, let’s just not say a thing.

I scrolled through my phone a local newspaper and I found the article that they wrote saying that the latest Star Wars movie had been released. Do you know the feeling you had when your favorite movie came out? Those butterflies all over your tummy. I put a reminder on my agenda about watching this sick movie I really love to watch. As I scrolled through my Instagram timeline, I saw a picture of my ex with her husband. Then I remembered, I used to watch movies every Friday night with my girlfriend until she decided to cheat on me and marry a guy whose look is probably from another galaxy (I look way better than him). But the thought of how we used to do things and all the cute things we used to do still lingers in my mind as if it was yesterday and I didn’t realize how my face actually showed how blue I was about it. I got so lost in between all the old memories.

Suddenly the silence broke as the weird man next to me suddenly said, “I find your lack of faith disturbing”. I looked at him and a sudden thought crossed my mind that he sounded exactly like Darth Vader, the all-black-everything man from Star Wars, but then again, I guess I was that movie geek that began to relate all things in reality to the movie. I decided not to mind about it. He was so weird and I couldn’t relate what he said to the thing I was having at that moment.

As I scrolled through my phone, I realized, this guy next to me was looking at my phone too. Things are getting a bit creepy, so I gathered some courage to confront this creepy-looking guy “who are you? And why are you looking at my phone”

The man sat still, not even turning his head as if he was deaf. Probably his furry black hoodie was too thick it blocked all sounds away. Responding to the respond-less yell, I decided not to mind nor to get offended about it. I left him alone.

As my order came, The man stood and walked towards the door as if he was leaving. A heavy step came from his black high-topped boots, which to my shock, it looked just like he came out of the movie with that black and heavy ugg boots worn by most of the Star Wars casts. It was so weird that he didn’t even order anything and decided to leave after sitting there for an hour straight without a word, not even to the waitress. He had his head down walking towards the door and I still couldn’t figure out who he was but to my realization he seemed a bit familiar to me.

As he stood, a black long shiny cape dropped touching the floor as if it was meant to be worn at the New York Fashion week. He walked towards the door and handed out a small cylinder that I suspected to be a lightsaber, but it was a wild mind of mine for being such a big fan of Star Wars. This guy was probably just some normal random guy.

He walked and hold onto the diner’s door knob, and for the first time, he turned his face to me, and to my surprise, just the way I suspected he was, a big buff body stood nearby the door, in an all-black-everything armor and suit, with a black droid-looking helmet, took his cylinder and lighted them up, a red light came out of it –  a lightsaber. And he said “I am your father”, walked out the door and took his lift on a TIE Fighter parked outside. That moment was lit. I didn’t know I had a chance to sit next to the Darth Vader the whole night. I got lost in the moment of why did he called himself my father. But still, It was the most memorable night in my entire life.

In confusion and in search for my car key, I dropped something from my wallet. It was my ID card. When I took it and read the name, at that moment on, I realized, I am Luke Skywalker. And Darth Vader is my actual dad. I guess my work had me too much.


Words By: Veda Renata

Image Credited to: Star Wars News Net