Hi readers! We’re giving you the chance to speak up your aspirations and voices by submitting your own article, artwork, photo, or video through Horizon Magazine!


The criteria for Article submission are:

  1. Article about Lifestyle, Interest, Random Thoughts, Short Stories, Poetry or any other articles to your heart’s content
  2. Maximum 150 words count
  3. NO SARA/Political Issues


The criteria for Photos and Artworks submission are:

  1. Captured or scanned with maximum size 14.6 x 22 cm/30 ppi with digital scan. (Digital artworks including comic strips could also be submitted)
  2. NO SARA/Political Implications


The criteria for Video submission are:

  1. 1080p uploaded to Youtube with maximum duration of 15 minutes
  2. Submit the link to us
  3. NO SARA/Political Implications


You can submit a maximum of 3 articles, 3 photos, 3 artworks, or 3 videos


How to submit?

  1. Open www.inthehorizon.co
  2. Go to submission page
  3. Post your photo/artwork/article/video in the column provided


Deadline for submission: 30th November 2017


Evoke your creative minds, channel it through Horizon Magazine and get published on our NEXT ISSUE and WEBSITE!



p.s: 4 winners would have the chance to get special discount privileges for our upcoming merchandise + something special just for you!


….. and yes, you guessed it –  our MERCHANDISE is DEFINITELY coming along the way



For further information, reach us on LINE @horizonmagazine (with @).


Header Image Credited to: unsplash.com