Looking for a seminar that could really make change your thinking and belief? C.L.I.C (Come. Listen. Interpret. Change) is a new project of Student Board Prasetiya Mulya this year. No more boring seminar, C.L.I.C brings you the most lively seminar ever.

How do C.L.I.C define its new way of seminar? “It’s about our concept. We’ll bring to Prasmulyan a new concept of seminar, where you could enjoy it, but learn from it” ” said Giovanni Reinaldo, the chairman of C.L.I.C. To make all Prasmulyan enjoy the seminar, C.L.I.C will provide you the most interesting topic together with the most charming and inspiring speakers.

As its first seminar project, “The Ultimate Startups” success in bringing 450 Prasmulyan to learn how to lead a success startup business. By inviting Berrybenka, Bluesville, and Puyo in its seminar, C.L.I.C want to give INSIGHT, INSPIRE, and CHANGE as in its value.

Curious enough about C.L.I.C next seminar? You need to worry about running out of ticket, because Dian Sastro along with Alexandra Asmasoebrata will come to the campus. “Breaking the Barriers” as its theme will share you about how someone who actually could be born as an ordinary woman, become extraordinary in their daily life. I specially recommend you to come and participating in the crowd in April 21st, 2015. And don’t forget to book your ticket start on April 10th, 2015.

So guys, what are you waiting for? For more information and updates, just follow @clic_pmsbe on Instagram.