Bringing the theme of “ALTER DEMEANOR”, C.L.I.C is back with its first seminar of this period by inviting Indonesian YouTuber Kevin Hendrawan and Prambors Radio Announcer Nadya Julia as their guest speakers on the 23rd of November 2017. With an aim to inspire and change the life of its listeners, this seminar addresses the issue on how to refine your behavior and to thrive for the future.


To begin the seminar, the MCs in charge lifted up the atmosphere by allowing some attendees to play game’s with the speakers. After a moment of euphoria and laughter, the life of Kevin Hendrawan is brought to surface. Revealing his own struggle by being the backbone of his family, he shared how he coped with all those situations and how he reached the peak point of his life that helped him become who he is now.


One notable point that he emphasizes is that we should always enjoy and cherish every processes and challenges in our life, because without it, there will be no learning, no hard work, and we will end up taking everything for granted. Throughout the processes, where Kevin’s life was at it’s lowest point, Kevin gained a lot of unforgettable lessons which turned him into a hardworking, time-honored, adaptable, and thankful person. Everytime he is about to give up, he is always grounded by his memories of him at his lowest point and that brings his fighting spirit back to life.


Next, the journey of Nadya Julia was also shared. She talked about her journey from becoming a teacher in Junior High School, taking International Relations as her major in university, and ending up as a radio announcer from an unknown radio station to a famous one. She stated that in every moment of our life, we must make the most out of it. Even though we might feel like we chose the wrong decisions, we must believe that there is a reason why it happened because everything that we experience will bring us closer to our main purpose.


Nadya also talked about how she get over haters. Being an entertainer, she receives a lot of hateful messages from radio listeners and social media viewers. But along the way, she took course from her colleagues and seniors to stop caring about people’s negativity but instead, channels it into positivity.


Before the seminar ended, both speakers left some tips for the audience: we live in the millennial era where platforms for people to express themselves are increasingly expanding. Our job is to make use of these platforms for good causes. Don’t bring hate, but do good for others. Don’t thrive to exist, but thrive for the right priorities.


Words by: Deborah