From August 15th to September 30th, all freshmen class of 2016 are required to participate in the Introductory Program (IP). Introductory Program is a university orientation program intended to help all freshmen adapt to the new college environment. This year’s theme was “Your Journey Starts With an ALPHA”. ALPHA is an acronym for Advancement, Learning, Persistence, Honesty, and Achievement, meaning that we should have the dedication to advance ourselves further, to learn with persistence and honesty, so that we can have achievements later on. Introductory Program used different methods to teach this idiom to us, and those methods were kind of challenging.

But in the end, you guys made it. Go on, give yourselves some credit, you deserve it.

There are two kind of older ‘siblings’ on Introductory Programs, the gentle and sweet ones, and the firm and strict ones. Although both of them serves a common purpose, they adopt different methods to achieve it. Lodestar, is the gentle and sweet ones. They taught us how to be a good Prasmulyan, and keep us motivated while working on our assignments. While Penegak Disiplin (PD), the firm and strict ones, taught us how to be responsible and  discipline.

According to Coordinator of Lodestar 2016, Rita Monica,  “being a Lodestar means committing yourself for a certain purpose. When your purpose is right, you will gain value from your doings”.

And dear class of 2016, here are her thoughts on all of you: “in some parts, you guys can finish faster and better than earlier classes, but sometimes there are some parts that are lacking. For example, when PDs asks for solutions, you can’t give the best of solutions. Compared to Introductory Program 2014, your IP is kind of easier, you have all the necessary resources and such. Nowadays, finding a blue pen is not as hard as it was 2 years ago.”

According to her, class of 2016’s unity is quite good, but need improvements in some aspects. “You guys acted as a unity, but sometimes you rely too much on PICs (Person in Charge). In my IP, there were so many people who wanted to be leaders, meanwhile in yours, there wasn’t. You guys tend to act as a follower instead of a leader.”

Coordinator of Penegak Disiplin 2016, Denys Yudistira said “being a PD is not that easy. It’s not all about yelling at freshmen or scolding them. As PDs, we mustn’t strive to be cool and commit to ourselves. It’s really hard finding the right person for the job because it’s unclear what’s in their minds. What is their real purpose? Purely wanting to help and educate freshmen, or just trying to be cool?”

When asked about his thoughts on the class of 2016, he said  “it’s exciting. There’s a positive and negative note to your IP. On the positive note, you have a good system, having a president is a good thing. Announcement using [email protected] is very clever. But on the negative note, you rely too much on the president and PIC,”.

He also said that this year’s freshmen were late bloomers. We did come together in the end, as a big family of class of 2016, but still, it is later than the other classes, from his experience.

Erika Chandra, from Arwana, group 89—who won the best team—said that, “the best thing from IP was about the Social Event, when all the PDs didn’t have a straight face, but instead, were smiling and laughing. It was heart-warming, seeing them like that. Those smiles were contagious, especially my PD, Joshua Raphael, I was really shocked seeing him smile. It’s like having our burden lifted from our shoulders because those smiles on the PDs face meant one thing, and it is that IP was about to end. The second best thing about IP was Welcoming Night. I felt happy and sad at the same time. Happy because it’s finally ending, and we got to wear our alma mater jackets, but also sad, because we won’t be seeing our group as often as we did. I missed it, the group, IP, I miss it all. When we sang Prasetiya Mulya Mars and Hymn on Sumpah Pemuda, it did bring some memories back, and those were the best memories for me.”

Last but not least, IP 2016 was full of ups and downs for us all. There are some memories that we want to bury deep inside our heads, and some memories that we want to replay over and over again in our hearts.

So, what is your IP story? Do tell.

Words By: Janniece Stephanie