Coldplay has finally come to Asia! Unfortunately, they didn’t visit Jakarta, but at least Singapore is close enough. And because many people (especially in Jakarta) has waited for a long time for Coldplay to come, they held a 2-day concert at the Singapore National Stadium with a capacity of 55,000. Although the concert was held on March 31st and April 1st, 2017, tickets were already on sale since November 2016. Pre-sale tickets sold out in hours, and normal tickets were sold out only in 2 days.

The concert attendees are not only Singaporeans but also people from outside Singapore, including Indonesia. As mentioned before, many people from Jakarta has waited for Coldplay to come to Jakarta. With the heightened up anticipation, this fever ha made people go to Singapore even few days before the concert, not coming to school and work, just only to see their favorite British rock band.

According to Nadela Aisya, one of the concert goers, this concert was “the best concert ever”. She was blown away by the concert concept, stage acts, attributes, and Coldplay themselves. Her favorite part was when huge balloons were thrown away everywhere during “Something Just Like This”. She also really likes the opening part, when there were fireworks when Coldplay sang “A Head Full of Dreams”. She was also touched by how Chris Martin, the lead vocalist always interacts with the audiences when he sings.

She missed the chance of buying the ticket online as many other people were also lining up. But then she got lucky because 2 weeks before the concert, one of her friends sold the ticket to her.

She arrived in Singapore on the 1st of April, just hours before the concert on the second day. According to Nadela, Singapore was more crowded than usual, filled with Coldplay fans. During the concert, the stadium was very crowded too because a lot of people from almost all over Southeast Asia was there, and most of them are from Indonesia. When she arrived at the airport, it was a little bit crowded than usual too as the concert goers that went to the concert at the previous day were going back to their homes.

Not only the people got excited, airline companies also joined the “hype” as Coldplay was coming to Singapore. Around two or three days before the concert, plane tickets to Singapore (especially from Jakarta) were highly increased in price. Nadela said the plane tickets were around 7 to 10 million Rupiah.

But, the high fare of airplane tickets doesn’t stop concert-goers from coming to Singapore, as they have already strived when they bought the concert tickets, and “sacrificed” their school and work. It was not an easy process especially for us Indonesians to watch Coldplay, but we were still very glad Coldplay came to Singapore. As another concert goer said, Novandy Farros, “worth every second.”

Besides Singapore, concert-goers from Indonesia are also willing to travel to Coldplay concerts in Thailand, Philippines, and even Japan… It is truly a Coldplay Fever month!

Words by: Antonia Wahyudi

Credits to: Nadela Aisya and Novandy Farros

Header Image is Credited to: @coldplay  (Instagram)