Wall of Fades is an annual event that showcases both local and international fashion brands that represents the art and culture of denim. Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta, was chosen as the place to held the event which has been called “The biggest denim exhibition in South East Asia.”

It was Saturday and the place was packed with people. The hallway along the entrance was decorated with models of jeans hanging in the walls. The jeans were arranged according to the era in which they were produced, starting from the 1800s when they were first introduced to the world by Jacob W. Davis and Loeb Strauss. It was somewhat a history lesson for me and I liked that they were trying to educate consumers to understand better about their passion, which is denim fashion. Besides that, there are lots of tenants ranging from footwear, apparels, jeans, and accessories busy handling all the fashion enthusiasts from shopping.

The tenants all have different and unique products, but they all carry the same theme: rustic and rugged. The clothes offered mostly have neutral colors such as white, black, navy, brown, and nude. But there were also brands that were different, like Kitc, which offers shirts with classic anime characters in bright colors. The footwear tenants ranged from sandals, to leather shoes but the most unique to me are the natural-dyed shoes from Karafuru and Pijakbumi.

Moreover, I got the chance to interview one of the apparel tenants, which is Taka. I talked to one of their employees and he told me that the event was cool as it showcased start-ups and local brands. However, he shared that there is one thing that can be improved, which is the venue itself. Since it is in a parking area, the air was hot and there were concrete blocks for parking the cars that could trip people as they were walking along.

In brief, Wall of Fades is an event to anticipate every year, whether you’re a denim enthusiast, or just casually interested in fashion. What’s cool is that they don’t just showcase startups and local brands, but they also managed to show people why denim managed to stay an perpetual trend for decades.

Words by: Eva