As an entrepreneur, having the ability to see and seize the trends are important. Especially in this fast-paced world, where technologies are getting more advanced, and ideas about creative businesses are getting way and way more creative. We should have the ability to came up with the most creative idea as possible to be a pioneer in the industry or just to simply makes us different from our competitors. Starting from the thought on how to seize the trends in this creative era, Eureca 2017, decided to hold a talk show that didn’t only talk about the A – Z on how to start a business, but the one that also talked about how our business should be like during its process of growing.

Eureca invited two speakers from two different industries to talk about how they run their business and what made their business ahead of the rest.

The first speaker is a coffee shops-pioneer owner, whose business inspires more and more people to move in the same industry, a coffee shop that is, The man behind Koultoura Coffee, Mr. Joe Sentoso. A super humble man, whose thoughts didn’t only inspire young entrepreneurs, but also have grown the love of coffee among Indonesians.

The second speaker was a fashionable woman, whose dreams are to influence people through the thing she loves the most, that is fashion and the digital world. The lady behind the Brand Outlet, Ms. Valencia Tanoesoedibjo.

Each speaker shared about the beginning of their business until how they see the trends as their friends. This talk show was held at the 3rd floor Auditorium at 7 pm with more than a hundred audiences.

We greeted the speakers as they walked entering the room with rounds and rounds of applause. Each speaker went up the stage and talked about the beginning of their business. Mr. Joe Sentoso told us about how he first started the Koultoura Coffee. He said that the purpose of building his coffee emperor in the first place was simply because he wanted to grow the pride of having Indonesian coffees among the millennials. He told us that in order to be sustainable in the industry, being consistent is an important thing, but it is not a bad thing to always be brave to innovate.

A different explanation was interpreted by Ms. Valencia Tanoesoedibjo about the trend. He explained to us on how her life has always been surrounded by the existence of gadgets and advanced information systems. She has always been admiring the impact given by technologies towards her whole life and how technologies had put her life at ease. That is why combining her love of fashion and using the digital platform to promote her products is the key to her business’s success. Another key to her success that she pointed out was that being humble is super important. Having the urge to always want to learn from others and to gain more experience are the keys to getting more insight to improve our business.

After they explained about how they began their business, it is now the time for the audiences to get curious and ask as much questions as possible. Eureca had the session in a different way, that is a Q and A through Instagram by commenting on Eureca’s Insta page and add #askjoe or #askvalen. Ms. Valencia even made a challenge for the audience. Those who could find the item without a price in the Brand Outlet domain will receive a gift from the Brand Outlet itself. And the night went all fun with the challenge given by Ms. Valen.

As a conclusion, these two speakers are no ordinary millennials. They are the inspiration to us, future entrepreneurs to always be brave to dream high and achieve higher. The evening was once again closed with the biggest round of applause for them both as they walked out of the room, it was an evening well-spent.


Words By: Veda Renata

All Images are Credited to: Eureca 2017 Documentary Division