Semester 3 MICE students in Politeknik Negeri Jakarta held general lecture which includes lecture as well as question and answer session with speakers who have a background in the MICE industry and creative minded businessmen/entrepreneurs.

Creative Idea for Creative Event! is the theme that is adopted by MICE 2015 and this would be a guideline on what the lectures would be talking about. As MICE is valued as an industry with a relatively high potential in the future, the need to increase society’s awareness and understanding towards this industry becomes an essential component. In order to not set the wrong target, the audiences that are expected to be the human resources in the field of MICE need to clearly know what is MICE so that they can proceed to further in-depth study.

The business event industry has opened up a new field of employment; it doesn’t only open up chances for seasonal jobs however it has created new permanent jobs for lots of people. Because of its strategic and unique charms that could attract foreigners, Indonesia has expanded opportunities for event industry to develop. On the other hand, the economic crisis that has hit several countries became an obstruction in the process of transferring the events that are held in those countries to Indonesia. However, we could utilize this momentum to become a practitioner in the field of event.

Creativity is a crucial component in the process of inventing something new. Creativity isn’t merely luck but it’s concrete hard work. Without creativity, a practitioner in the MICE industry would struggle especially in this era of globalization. Therefore, creativity is highly needed in order to open up new business opportunities within this industry in Indonesia.

The goal of this activity is to give exposure on the field of MICE as well as to develop creativity for future ideas.

  1. Event Name: Kuliah Umum Program Studi MICE Politeknik Negeri Jakarta 2016
  2. Event Theme: Creative Idea for Creative Event!
  3. Event Form: Seminar & Talkshow
  4. Time and Date:

Day: Tuesday

Date: 29 November 2016

Venue: Mini Convension Gedung H, Kampus Politeknik Negeri Jakarta Jl. Prof Dr. G.A. Siwabessy


  1. Event Format:

Session 1 (What’s in MICE?)

-Incentive and Community Based Tourism

Keynote Speaker: Budi Setiawan

Duration: 45 minutes


Session 2 (What’s in MICE?)

-Needs and Demand of the Conference Industry

Keynote Speaker: Gracia Wuwungan

Duration: 30 minutes


-Development of Exhibition Execution in Indonesia

Keynote Speaker: Hadi Sunarno

Duration: 30 minutes


Session 3

-Why Events need Creativity?

Keynote Speaker: Nurul Ardina Putri

Duration: 30 minutes



Contact Person

Vanessa Campioni S.

Cp. 082113146906

Media Partner Staff- MICE General Lecture 2016

Jl. Prof. Dr. G. A. Siwabessy, KampusBaru, UI, Depok 16425