The hippest local-brand bazaar in town is back! Bringing you the vibe of Negen Straatjes, a famous fashion district in the unique city of Amsterdam. Negen Straatjes was picked to be this year’s theme because what’s on the streets there are similar to what they have in Pop Up Market. Negen Straatjes has the elements of creativity, fashion, also food and beverages.

After more or less 5 months of preparation, this year’s Pop Up Market was held on 9-12 March 2017 at MVG Parking Area Lotte Shopping Avenue. Pop Up Market 2017 gathered a total of 105 tenants consist of fashion, food and beverages, accessories, beauty and creative tenants. Here, you could find almost any kind of goods to upgrade/enhance yourself from head to toe. You name it: caps, hair perfume, pomades, sunglasses, t-shirts, jackets, patches, watches, pants, foot spray, socks, and shoes.

Pop Up Market 2017 has really nailed bringing the atmosphere of Negen Straatjes to Jakarta – it really makes people feel like they walking on the streets of Amsterdam. Starting from the decoration: european-style store replicas including the famous The Bulldog No. 90 coffeeshop, murals, the typical Dutch brick wall with posters on it, and this year’s icon: “Water Mill 1200 Roe” (moving miniature windmills) on a synthetic garden with fake tulips. This bazaar also has a park-like dining area with wooden tables and benches with string lights above, with Dutch music being played around you. Talking about music, throughout the event there are live music performances by 11 music bands a group of saxophone players from de Saxes Indonesia community. The saxophone players also took part in bringing the ambience of Amsterdam to this event because they performed on the street where all visitors passed by – complete with their saxophone cases where people could put their money; just like the street performers in Amsterdam.

What looks different in this year’s Pop Up Market is the presence of a colorful wish list board. People could write any kind of wishes on this board, including suggestions for next year’s Pop Up Market destination. Also, this year, Pop Up Market features a photo booth inside the bazaar. What makes it even more interesting is the background: there are miniatures of Dutch-styled buildings and a windmill, also a Dutch-styled bicycle as a property.

Not only they have different features during the event, but also before the event. Pop Up Market 2017 held Pop Up Studio and #PopdeBricks campaign. Pop Up Studio is a set of activities where the committee held two workshops: Hand embroidery workshop with a famous illustrator Neng Iren, and ceramic jewelry workshop with Kandura Studio. Around 50 participants joined these two workshops. While #PopdeBricks campaign is about motivating and inspiring all the young people in Indonesia to go out of their comfort zone that are symbolized as “bricks” so they could be brave and enhance themselves. 8 people were chosen to deliver this campaign through a video, where they recount how they became success. Those 8 people come from influencers, buzzers, tenants, and media partners.

Although some tenants had doubts to join this year’s Pop Up Market, this year succeeded to gather a total of 105 tenants and 70711 visitors. Also, according to Gemilang Rachmad, the chairman of Pop Up Market 2017, the tenants’ enthusiasm for this year’s Pop Up Market increased from last year.

Through the ups and downs that the Pop Up Market 2017 committee faced, Gemilang hopes that Pop Up Market 2018 could come up with new ideas and innovations to keep the awareness and existence of local-brand bazaars.


Words By: Antonia Wahyudi

All Images are Credited to: Pop Up Market 2017 Documentary Division