As we all know, Music Night 2016 is held on December 13th and to showcase the talent of Prasmulyan, the committee has arranged a Band Competition to find the right band to be featured on the main event. The competition was held on Tuesday, November 29th 2016, at SDC Serpong. There were eight bands who competed, and after a long and hard judging process, four finalists came out on top Soypork, SYNC, ALPHA and Out Of Nowhere. They are the lucky winners who will be performing on the grand stage of Music Night 2016! Don’t miss it!

Kevin Aprillio, a musician and founder of PT Aprilio Kingdom, Ellezer Benick Aprilo, a music director for Rising Star 2016/2017, and Arvy Josh, singer, and chairman of Music Night 2015 were specially invited to be the judges of the Band Competition. Therefore, all participants had the chance to be judged by professionals. What is more exciting is at the end of the competition, there was a special performance by Kevin and the Red Rose.

Kevin and the Red Rose is a band formed in 2016, with 3 vocalists, 1 pianist, 1 bassist, and 1 drummer. Their performance was amazing, from beginning to the end. We can’t really tell that their band has just formed this year! They closed the whole competition with three songs, and all the audience came together and sang.

Michelle Soenardi, Chairman of Music Night 2016, said that she had a very good time while enjoying the event. Everything went as planned, and she was glad that this year’s event was bigger than last year’s, whereas this year the Band Competition was held at SDC Serpong, and last year was held at Intro Jazz.

Nita Wirya, one of the band member said that she felt challenged by the Band competition because there was actually a preliminary stage! But she went through as the top 4 and had the chance to perform their best in front of the judges themselves as well as on Music Night 2016. Unfortunately, the audience was a bit empty because they performed at the beginning and the night was still young. Because of this, she hopes next year the whole band competition would be more structured and gets better every year.

Overall, the whole event was a blast, and everyone had a really great time. Watching a concert under a starry sky was a great way to spend a school night.


Words By: Janniece Stephannie

All Images are Credited to: Joshua Adriel