Music Night 2017 was a total blast! In the midst of all the crazy final assignments and presentations, this event was just the perfect escape from our hectic schedule.

This year’s annual music festival organized by the undergraduate students of Prasetiya Mulya was held on the 11th of December 2017 with a whole lot of food and of course, a list of top-notch musicians. The place was crowded and buzzing with excitement despite the fact that it was held on the most-dreaded day of the week with pouring rain that stopped just minutes before the event started.

The gates opened at 5.30PM allowing people to roam around and look at all the food and beverage stalls present in the venue. The event started at around 6.30 with the performance of SAC The Prodigy and Prasmul’s own chosen acts from the pre-event back in November. There were four lucky winners from the pre-event that were given a chance to perform on stage as the opening of Music Night 2017.

After the opening performance, the first artist to perform on stage was the five piece alternative-rock band, Glaskaca. Bringing their hottest single ‘Stæg’ and a lot of their other songs from their EP, they were sure to set the perfect mood to spend the night. People were having a blast roaming around, eating and chatting while listening to the band perform their hearts out on stage.

The place gets even more and more crowded as the night progresses, and soon it was time for the second act of the evening to perform. Singing his latest songs, Teddy Adhitya surely was able to bring the everyone together and hype up the crowd. The R&B and soul singer performed his top single ‘In Your Wonderland’ and the crowd sang along with him. His performance ended a little before 10PM and the MC once again took over the stage. Although it is nearing the end of the event, the crowd still hasn’t lost their energy. In fact, they seem to get more and more excited for the next performer.

The last performance of the night soon took up the stage. Formed in 2009, HIVI! has surely achieved alot in these past years and has managed to produce a lot of catchy, relatable songs. They opened the night with one of their oldest, yet most-known song ‘Mata ke Hati’ and continued on with songs they released back in 2012 to the ones they released earlier this year. The crowd was completely in sync as they swing back and forth to the beat of the song. They were completely into the performance and at one point, the lights were dimmed and the whole crowd lifted their phones as they sing along to the song. Sadly, the performance soon ended, which then brings us to the end of the show. Fireworks were released to mark the end of a beautiful night, and the crowd soon headed back to return to their hectic week, but with a boost of energy.

Words by: Joanne J.