The 9th International Kampoeng Jazz:



The International Kampoeng Jazz festival is an annual Jazz festival held by the Student Executive Board of Faculty of Law, Padjajaran University. This festival was first held in 2008, and it got a positive and warm welcome from the masses. Not only cheered by local visitors, ever since 2014 Kampoeng Jazz got visited by people from abroad, with a total of 7000 that consisted of local and international visitors. Kampoeng Jazz also succeed in inviting foreign musicians such as MYMP in 2010, Tahiti 80 and Sabrina in 2011, Sondre Lerche and Tetsuo Sakurai ini 2013, Renee Olstead, Tortured Soul, and French Kiwi Juice in 2014, and also Copeland in 2016. The theme for this year, OUR HOMAGE FOR OUR HOMETOWN, ”RELIVE THE AUTHENTIC CULTURE” was chosen to express that Kampoeng Jazz’s values, a jazz festival that represents a reward to Bandung, the city of musicians in Indonesia.

In their 9th year, The International Kampoeng Jazz held 2 main events, which are The International Kampoeng Jazz Pre-event and The International Kampoeng Jazz Main Event. The committee held two events in order to bring Kampoeng Jazz even closer to the music-lovers in Indonesia.

The 9th International Kampoeng Jazz Pre-event is in a form of public discussion that goes by the name of “Bandung Lautan Musisi” (Bandung the “ocean” of musicians) with the concept of “Bangkitkan Kembali Musisi Jalanan” (Resurrecting street musicians). This pre-event was held on February 4th, 2017. This event featured live performances of Ujang Rahmat “Gebeg”, Andi from “Institut Musisi Jalanan”, a fire dance, few Bandung street musicians, and Aris Tanto of “Burgerkill” as the moderator. This public discussion was held in Teras Cikapundung, started at 6 pm. This public discussion is a form of appreciation to the street musicians of Bandung, aligned with the theme of this year’s Kampoeng Jazz, ”Our Homage for Our Hometown, to Relive the Authentic Culture”

The Main Event, the highlight of The 9th International Kampoeng Jazz was held on Saturday, 29th of April 2017, in the Faculty of Law Campus, Padjajaran University, Dipati Ukur, Bandung. This year’s jazz festival has 2 stages with the line up of a famous Indonesian Jazz trio or known as Trio Lestari, PREP from UK, Rai Thistlethwayte or Sun Rai from Australia, also local famous musicians like Tulus, Kunto Aji, Teddy Adhitya, Sore Band, and Bonita and the Hus Band.

Words by: Antonia MIranda Wahyudi

Credits: The 9th International Kampoeng Jazz Press Release