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Photo by: Fernando Tanius

From the 4th – 6th of February 2016, high school students as well as undergraduates from all over Indonesia came to compete in Prasetiya Mulya’s annual business competition, EURECA (Entrepreneur Creative Challenge). EURECA has long been known as one of the biggest competitions around local universities for its incredible scope of reach, in which it boasts hundreds of nationwide participants.

For this year’s grand theme, EURECA went with “MOMENTUM”, which stands for “Movement for Utilizing Modern Society”. Because we believe that in a world where everything moves so fast, we must all learn to utilize this movement for developing our society. Through three very different competitions for contenders to compete in, namely MPC (Marketing Plan Competition), BPC (Business Plan Competition), and MDC (Management Debate Competition), it is hoped that as the younger generation shaping the future world, we would be able to gain valuable insights and experience through EURECA.

The Business Plan Competition is a competition where participants are encouraged and expected to be creative in devising a new business innovations for the world. Contenders are then asked to realize their business plan in the shape of a prototype for the panel of judges to judge. As for the Marketing Plan Competition, contenders are called to think of the best marketing strategy based on a case given by this year’s case contributor, PT. Huawei Indonesia. Last but not least is new-to-the-family MDC, or the Management Debate Competition, in which participants were to debate over interesting motions regarding labour, corporate social responsibility, as well as entrepreneurship. Round after round of intense battle later, the finalists of all three competitions were cordially invited to the awarding ceremony and a gala dinner courtesy of the committee of EURECA 2016.

All in all, it was another great year for EURECA. Praised by all participants and committee alike, EURECA was commended for the fact that not only its participants proved to be such great challenges, technicalities like its run down was right on schedule, and everything was exemplar, from the business trip, to the food.

Great job, EURECA 2016, you have successfully raised the standard!

Written by: Sabrina Lioe