On October 5th 2016, class of 2016 was given the chance to know more about organizational life in Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, by attending a seminar called “The Path of The Phoenix”. With the purpose to educate on how to survive in Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, this seminar is open with 500 available seats for  all classes and majors.

The purpose of this seminar was accomplished because many of the freshmen then applied for the open recruitment for various organizations and events. At first, many weren’t interested in applying for organizations and/or events, but after the seminar, freshmen were so excited, the first open recruitment—which is Music Night 2016—reached  about 600 applicants in which the majority of them are freshmen.

Michelle Natasha, in charge of publication and documentation of The Path of the Phoenix, felt that the seminar has served its purpose. “It was proven by the statistic of application for organizations. Suppose that the event wasn’t such a success, a number of applicants would be declining, but instead, the numbers are increasing bit by bit. So yeah, the event was a success!”

According to her, the event went smoothly without any difficult obstacles. The only thing that counts as an obstacle, was how excited freshmen about this seminar, resulting in many of the applicants wasn’t able to attend at all. There is a total of 900 interested applicants within the quota of 500 attendees.

Excell Hendriksen, from Business 1L class of 2016, felt that The Path of the Phoenix seminar has helped a lot  because now he knows about the organizational life at Prasetiya Mulya. He said that the seminar has helped students to feel motivated not only working hard on academics, but also non-academics achievements such as organizational activities, events, and championships. Students learn about the importance of teamwork, time management, and overall self-discipline.

“The seminar can improve a lot on certain things, as in teaching freshmen precisely how to join organizations, for example how to turn in the right answer on SB Human Bank, and how to do the perfect interviews”, Excell claims.

Overall, it is a great year for The Path of the Phoenix. Since this year was a success, we can hope for the future for an even better The Path of the Phoenix- and as the rumor speaks, there would be the second The Path of the Phoenix this year!


Words By: Janniece Stephannie