“As you question how the planets were formed, so is how the work of the Creator in your life is beyond understanding.”

Time and space are two greatest mysteries of the human mind. Not even one human can interpret its true nature nor even discover the depths of its being. Considering that it took humanity thousands of years to become conscious of its implications, humans became aware of what is in their reach and what is not.

With this being known, we know that human has limited ability to control the work of nature and its power. Indeed, human have tried their best trying to simply predict or prevent horrible outcomes. Of course, they don’t  lack effort, but the universe has another way of speaking their means.

So, buckle up! As we start the journey of the unknown. Below are 5 events of most recent unexpected happenings that was beyond the control of humanity.


1. Cherry Blossoms in October


A spring tradition happening in fall? Count me in!

Almost everyone in the so called “Land of Sakuras” got their minds blown away witnessing the famous cherry blossom trees blooming … in the chilly Autumn of October. That’s right! As it was stated by NHK, about more than 350 cases of blooming trees have been reported, starting all the way from Kyushu (West of Japan) to Hokkaido (North of Japan). What’s believed to have stimulated this phenomenon is a troop of typhoons in July, August and September that brought powerful, massive rain.  Those storms stripped the trees of their vegetation, and warm temperatures afterwards  might have tricked the trees into blooming.

2. Lion Air JT610 Tragedy


Happening exactly on the 29th  of October 2018, a new model of Boeing 737 Lion Air flight JT 610 crashed shortly after taking off from Jakarta. Carrying 189 passengers on board, it plummeted in the seas of Karawang leaving no survivors up to today. This tragedy is heartbreaking for the families  and relatives of the 189 passengers, but it specifically broke the heart of Intan Syari, as she planned to marry her fiancé, Rio Nanda Pratama on 11 November 2018. Mr. Pratama is a medical doctor, aged 26, and he had known Ms. Syari for 13 years. Ms. Syari said she wanted to fulfil his last wish, and posed for photos wearing her white gown and wedding ring. “Even though I feel grief that I cannot describe, I still have to smile for you,” the young woman wrote on Instagram. “I cannot be sad but should be strong like you always told me to be.” She said that before he’d left for the flight, Mr Pratama had joked that should he not return in time she should take the pictures and send them to him. Mr. Pratama is one of the 92 bodies that has been evacuated and identified. Our deepest condolences to all of the heartbroken families.

3. Mandarin Duck appears at New York Central Park

Now here’s something very odd. Let’s loosen up the tension, cause this one is quite quacky. Ever heard of the tale of the ugly duckling? This one’s quite similar to it. Except you can call it “The Pretty Duckling”.

Native to East Asia is the mandarin duck, which is making a commotion in New York’s Central Park. It’s partly because of its stunning colors compared to the other common ducks at the pond, and also because no one really knows how the bird got there. According to a viral tweet made by @BirdCentralPark, the duck was spotted as early as October 10. Then it disappeared for almost two weeks, but was spotted back on October 25. Since then, the bird has collected a large fan base and a crowd of paparazzi. A collection manager in the Department of Ornithology at the American Museum of Natural History said that it’s most likely to have escaped from a private collection or zoo, judging from the band around the bird’s leg. Ironically, no local zoos have reported an escape. In addition, it’s also illegal to keep a duck as a domestic pet in NYC. Interesting right?

4. Missing Submarine in Argentina, finally found for a year

A hopeful, yet devastating news came to the 44 familes of the passengers of ARA San Juan, an Argentine naval submarine. Shortly after only 2 days commemorating a year of their loss, they received information that the wreckage is positively identified. It first came to the light because of the image of a point of interest on the seabed, suggesting that a 60-meter-long object might be the missing vessel. It came out to be true. Though it has been found, Defense Minister Oscar Aguad told reporters at a press conference Saturday that Argentina does not have the capability of recovering the sunken submarine. “No, we don’t have the means to go down to that depth of the sea,” he said, adding that authorities “do not have the equipment to bring the submarine out from such a depth.” The wreckage of the ARA San Juan, which “suffered an implosion,” was found about 870 meters (2,850 feet) down on the Atlantic Ocean floor. It was believed that the short circuit was the main cause of the incident. The short circuit was caused by seawater entering the vessel’s “snorkel,” a tube that reaches the surface to refresh the vessel’s air and recharge the batteries, the captain said in a call to his commander on land.

5. California Wildfires

Named to be the deadliest wildfires in California’s history, this years’ wildfires have burned more than 240,300 acres, destroying an estimated 12,872 structures. Sixty-three casualties have been confirmed, with more than 630 people still unaccounted for. As stated by Sky News, it was noted that the speed of the fire was 1 football pitch per second.  What causes it to be the most damaging wildfires ever? No one has a certain answer. Some parties believed it was caused by the Santa Ana Winds that brought dry dessert airs to Southern California Mountains Ranges towards the coast. Others believed that Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) and Southern California Edison (SCE) are potentially responsible for the deadly Camp fire in northern California and the Woolsey fire in southern California, which began within hours of each other last Thursday.

As hard as it is to believe,  time has been – and will always become – everyone’s diamond. So as long as we are alive, treasure every single moment spent with your loved ones, because you may not know what time, space and the Creator has planned for you.

Words by Charissa Andriani

Header image credited to: unsplash.com