Has it ever come to you—a sudden realization about you wasting your life? What exactly do you want to do in your life? How exactly do you want to live your life? Is being happy part of the options? I’m pretty sure it is.


Happiness is a choice. Each day, you decide whether to be happy or not—it reflects the way you react to the things happen around you. Let’s assume that everyone wants to live a happy life, but why does it feel so hard to pursue one?


Happiness is a choice, you’ve read that already. It could be something big or it could be something small. First, let’s interpret your definition of happiness. Think about what makes you happy. Think about WHY those things make you happy, and WHY do other things make you unhappy.


Let’s get this straight.


Sometimes, we need help. Not in a “psychologist-psychiatrist appointments” kind of help, but just a friendly reminder from a dear friend who shares her stories about it. Gretchen Rubin writes about happiness. In the year of 2008, she initiated her own Happiness Project, which later becomes the best-selling book The Happiness Project.


Why on earth do we need to read someone else’s happiness project; the things that make other people happy? That kind of question was asked frequently to Gretchen during interviews, and she answered, “The more you know an individual, the more you understand human nature and the more you understand yourself. Also, it’s easier to learn by hearing about someone’s specific example than by studying principles in the abstract.


People see an overwhelming amount of information about happiness, but what should they actually do? They need an interpreter. Instead of just discussing the concepts, Gretchen tells stories about how she put the concepts to work.


She regularly writes on her website and LinkedIn Pulse. That means there are so many things could be discussed about the state of being happy, and things beyond that. It revolves around our life all the time. Now, how will you tune into happiness today?


Written by Gabriela Septriana