//a cooler of saying “what’s happening”, pronounced with british accent//


February has come to an end, it means that we have to embrace the coming of this month, that is March. Lots of things have been going on these past few weeks, some moment made us fell in love considering that the 14th of February was Valentine’s day, some tear the nation apart, and some might happened a little better than what we had in January. But apart from how we went through this month, there will always be something we could take as a lesson.


If we take a glance back at February, we could see how big things happened, especially during the campaign and election week. As we all know, the election happened at most part of Indonesia at the same time, however Jakarta’s election tend to be more adrenaline-pumping, filled with anger and hatred, and all things went out pretty complicated, presumably that it might be the worst election in Indonesia.


We all know that it was being held on February 15th, but all the games and tricks began a long time ago. I’m not here to pick sides and talk about the person most of my friends chose to rule Jakarta, it would be too political-wise. But I’m here to tell you that there was actually a life lesson we could take.


If we followed all the campaign, the debates aired on TV, or even the social media, we could see how hatreds are easily spreading nation-wide. Even by those who don’t have the right to elect any existing candidates. Here’s the thing about Indonesian in common, we are easily influenced by the existence of whatever information which credibilities are questioned. And this habit of ours is what tears our nation apart.


So today, as you finished reading this, let’s have our mind cleared. Stand where we should stand and have our mind spoken up, not the mind that’s influenced by others. Spread good words and remember to not always let anyone down, have a good day


Write to you later!

Words By: Veda Renata

Header Image is Credited to: thejakartapost.com