All started because of Business Creation course, Karafuru is a fashion business that was launched in  2017. They focus on footwears that use special techniques to make their product different from others of similar categories.

We managed to interview one of their team, Tristan Juliano, and get a little bit of insight what’s happening in Karafuru. Tristan stated, “What inspired us is basically the natural dye techniques itself. We first laid our eyes upon this technique because the color produced are different from textile dyes, and besides, it’s environmentally friendly. Since there are few local brands who sell natural dyed products, we came up with an idea of creating a different form of apparel using this technique.”

Tristan said that there’s one thing that differs Karafuru from the others, which is their coloring technique. They use a plant called Indigofera Tinctoria to color their fabric, and they are the first company who sells natural dyed footwear, in both Keds and slip-ons model. They also applied a touch of Japanese embroidery technique called sashiko on each pair produced. Karafuru’s first season “BLUE IVY” was the design combination of esthetical sashiko and simple batik pattern, creating an ideal modern stylish ensemble.

The product is a mixture of our own heritage, Batik and another heritage from Japan, Sashiko – a form of Japanese embroidery technique that emphasizes on white patterns in colored textile resulting in a minimalistic yet simple design. The procedure to produce a product is quite a process. First, the patterns are designed and then drawn on the fabrics. Then, they proceed to sew manually using a special kind of thread. For more complicated patterns, the team prefers to do it themselves, because doing this kind of technique needs patience and meticulous attention.

The team managed to be one of the chosen team to present their products in front of future investors and customers during Entrepreneur Day 2017.

“We were ecstatic of course, hahaha since we have put so much effort into Karafuru. Actually, we faced some hindrance during the presentation, but we’re glad that we finally made it. First thing first, is the model, design, and quality development. We ought to improve our product for a better future of our business. Second, the expansion into other products, such as twill, scarf, outerwear, etc. last but not least, the color. We are planning to not only creating different shades of blue, but other colors such as black, maroon, and brown as well.” Tristan said in his final remarks

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Words By: Janniece Stephanie

All Images are Credited to: (Instagram)