When we were young, we used to love to play hide and seek or pretend as if we’re pirates. And as we grow older, things that we tend to seek, are things that fulfill our interests and needs. Welcoming the long break for the upcoming semester is going to be the perfect time to figure out things that we have no idea about. These are the times to try new things, simply to try new restaurants, to watch new movies, and to discover what’s trending in 2017. As for the freshman, having the on the job training is one of the ways of discovering a whole bunch of hidden interests or even abilities that we didn’t know about before.

There are so many things you could do during this long holiday, there are so many uncommon places to visit, movies to watch, food to try, and you just have to build your courage up to get lost in between the city hustle.

Movies are always a good thing to start a holiday with. However, we as Indonesians, there are still lots of good Indonesian movies that we haven’t noticed yet out there. It probably happens because we just couldn’t find the right Indonesian movie that fits our interest. During this long holiday, for you movie geeks out there, stop going to the public cinema and try to visit one of the most indie places in Jakarta, Kinosaurus. Kinosaurus is simply a macrocinema where you could watch movies in private. They don’t only provide private theater, they also serve you indie movies that are not being shown by the public cinema. During your visit to Kinosaurus, spare your time to watch all of the Indonesian movies they provided that are being produced by young Indonesian filmmakers.

One of the latest movies they launched was “Julian Day” by Gianni Fajri. Julian Day is a story inspired by a local band called The Elephant Kind. Julian itself, according to the interview of Gianni and Bam, is a fictional character that has become the inspiration of Elephant Kind’s album. This movie tells a story about the character Julian itself, who actually was such a complex person and has his own creative mind, and the only way to touch him is through caring. With the uncommon filmmaking techniques and plots, Gian managed to create such a different realm of stories supported with great places and aesthetically pleasing movie effects.

If you are longing to watch the old nostalgic movie with a sense of romance that’s still touching everyone’s heart till this moment, then “What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Love” would be a perfect choice for you hopeless romantics. It’s a story about how love began to bloom in a SLB (Sekolah Luar Biasa). This movie was listed into the Sundance Film Festival selections in 2013. Well, its never a crime to watch an old movie once in a while right?

There are so many Indonesian movies to watch at Kinosaurus, so don’t forget to bring along your movie buddies to the place located in Jl. Kemang Raya No.8B, Mampang Prpt., Jakarta Selatan. Don’t forget to also follow Kinosaurus on Instagram @kinosaurus for more info.

Words By: Veda Renata

Header Image is Credited to: manualjakarta.com