The long awaited had finally arrived, and everyone was raging about it. They still are. And perhaps for a long time, they will keep raging on about Bohemian Rhapsody. Although now an international mega-hit, the movie has had a rocky path. Bohemian Rhapsody was first announced about eight years back when Queen guitarist Brian May spoke about the project’s development and planning to BBC. Several years passed by and initial plans had started to change. For one, Sacha Baron Cohen who was initially casted to play the band’s lead singer as well as the movie’s protagonist, Freddie Mercury, was no longer involved. Principal photography did not start until late 2017, and even this was followed with more problems, including replacing the first director, Bryan Singer.

Nevertheless, the project seemed to exceed through all expectations (Rami Malek who plays Mercury even called it a “lost cause” at one point), and the teaser trailer that was released on 15 May 2018 became a trending video on YouTube after amassing more than 5 million viewers in the 24 hours after uploading. One thing was very clear: this was going to be an epic movie.

Turns out, Bohemian Rhapsody really did transpire to be everything the audience wanted. The two-and-a-half hour piece showed the behind-the-scenes writing process of the band’s top songs, yet still shining a light on Freddie Mercury’s fascinating and endlessly scandalous personal life. It was done with such taste that the movie raised awareness about AIDS, which was exceptionally little back in the 80-90s, yet at the same time preserving Queen and Freddie Mercury’s legacy. Not that the two are contradictory, but bringing both topics up could be problematic as it was always something the public tried to get out of the lead singer yet never succeeded.

From Rami Malek’s incredible portrayal of the late legend to the movie’s dedication in reliving the 1985 Live Aid at Wembley Stadium, Bohemian Rhapsody told a deeper story than just about Queen’s reign or Freddie Mercury’s battle with his disease; the movie told a moving tale about friendship, family, love and career. There were so many moving scenes, whether it be in the Bulsaras’ home, in Wembley Stadium or in Freddie’s lonely house, audiences felt overwhelmed with many emotions. Viewers came to the movie theatre with expectations of what they were going to see, and left with so much more than what anybody could have anticipated.

Words by: Miranda Pranoto

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