Muklay: Art enthusiasts must be familiar with this name.  He is famous for his strange yet eye-catching and unique Illustrations. His illustrations and artworks have been showed in many notable magazines and events. During Pop Up Market 2016, there was a live mural painting and Muklay was one of the artists. His own brand, JUNKnotDEAD, opened a booth too during the event. Not only in Pop Up Market, they also opened a booth in We The Fest, Holy Market, and Street Dealin’. To know more about Muklay and his brand, here’s an interesting little story behind it:

Junk not Dead was found in 2013, Muklay collaborated with his girlfriend (that time) to create the products in this brand. Junk not dead, or in Indonesian “sampah tidak mati” doesn’t mean that the products that he sells came from literal junk. In fact, the name “Junk not Dead” is inspired by the phrase “Punk not Dead” because punks like to make DIY crafts, including patches.

Muklay came up with the idea of making this brand because he was once confused what to do with the leftovers of his paintings and artworks that are made on canvas. He was thinking to throw it away when actually he could recycle it to make something useful. So then he made emblems from his artwork leftovers. Time passes, it came to his mind that he doesn’t really like his artworks being produced massively and used mistakenly by many people. When he sells his masterpieces, he wants a little mystery to exist between him as the maker, and the user of his artwork merchandises so they could really preserve his artworks.

Along Junk not Dead’s journey, there must be obstacles. Although Junk Not Dead’s products are currently being produced by a vendor, Muklay and now his ex-girlfriend used to make all the products handmade. Because the merchandises are handmade, they are not really durable; not as good as machine-made. When people bought things from Junk not Dead, Muklay warned them to carefully take care of the products because they are fragile. Despite already being warned, still, a lot of people doesn’t really take care of the products they bought. Those people are the kind of people Muklay referred as “the ones who doesn’t really get the true meaning of the artwork,” especially Junk not Dead products that are his own artworks that he painted by his own hands.

According to Muklay himself, what differs Junk not Dead from other brands are the exclusive designs by himself. Also, the unique choice of colors of the products, which turns out is very colorful.

Junk not Dead products are pins, patches, stickers, notebooks, t-shirts, caps, and still much more. Even you could order custom-made denim jackets with Muklay’s painting on it. Junk not Dead products are available at offline stores like Monstore in Jakarta, and soon available in Goods Dept stores. To see (and buy) the complete collection, check out Junk not Dead’s Instagram @junknotdead, also from that account you could get the information whether if Junk not Dead is available in pop-up bazaars.

For more information:

Whatsapp: 082295059696  |   [email protected]   Line: junknotdead   |   Instagram: @junknotdead


Words By: Antonia Wahyudi