Chinese zodiac originated in a tale whereas the god ordered the animals to be the signs of each year, and only the first 12 will make it. That is why there are 12 zodiacs in Chinese astrology, and every 12 years the cycle will start again from the beginning. This year’s zodiac sign is the rooster, currently on year 10 from 12. Each and every animal have their own characteristic, and the year represented will affect people’s character. It may affect your fortune each year too. The myth said that people in their zodiac years tend to be a bit unlucky, but its validity is unclear.

Have you ever thought, what your zodiac sign says about yourself?

According to the lunar calendar, this is the year of Rooster. For those who were born in the year of Rooster, you might want to be more cautious of your decision starting this year. Even though you’re not that kind of person who believes these kinds of things, it’s a good idea to start thinking twice before taking any decisions.

Believe it or not, here are a couple of tips on how to avoid bad luck. First, wear red attire. Red is a very lucky color according to Chinese astrology, and wearing it will most likely prevent bad luck. Also, red is the perfect color to wear when you are going to the festivals. It is always a good feeling to see people putting up lunar new year’s decoration. Everything is in bright red, and there’s a lot of delicious snacks to try! Even the ones who doesn’t celebrate can enjoy the festivities, including that famous lion dance. Lion dance are always popular with families, because, honestly, what could go wrong with several

Again, if you are celebrating the Lunar new year, there’s tradition that you have to follow. On this particular day, the young must pay their respects to the old. As a form of appreciation for the visit, the old will reward the young with red envelopes, with money inside. Of course, this is the highlight for young because receiving extra pocket money never disappointing!


Words By: Janniece Stephanie