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Nintendo Switch: Nintendo’s FuturConsole

Nintendo’s newest project is beyond people’s expectations; A hybrid between a home gaming console and a portable gaming system. Previously called the NX, this system is going to be called Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch was announced on Thursday 20 October 2016, with a trailer showing how the console is going to work.

Of course, since it is a newly announced console, details such as the price, or even the official game titles that come with it are still in the dark. A game retailer, Game.Co.UK, has predicted the Switch to be priced around £199.99 , while some others say that the console will compete with the price of other gaming consoles such as Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft XBOX One, and therefore will be sold for about $300. That might be considered as reasonable because of how different the switch is to other consoles that are on the market right now.

But the question still remains? How different is the Switch compared to other consoles on the market?  Judging from the revealed trailer of the Nintendo Switch, it seems that the Switch is a console with a built-in HD screen that has two detachable controllers, called the “Joy Cons”, which can be placed on the sides of the base unit. It can also be set into your home TV by placing it on what is called the “Docking Station”. Another thing about the Switch that stands out the most is the gaming disc itself. It’s not even a disc, the games you will play on Nintendo Switch will be in a form of cartridges like gaming consoles back in the old days. This brings back the retro to the new age of the 21st century of gaming.



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Google Pixel: A New Edge for Google

Two smartphone titans, Samsung and Apple, has been duking it out for the last couple of years. But their reign of technological advancement may soon reach its end and a new smartphone may rise. Google has recently released their new product- a smartphone named Google Pixel. With the price of $649.00, you can get everything that you ever needed in a smartphone;

an astonishing camera better than the iPhone 7 Plus due to its

12.3MP, 1.55μm pixels, and f/2.0 aperture that enables a bright and even photos, unlimited photo and video storage,  

lasting battery (you can get a battery that lasts up for 7 hours with just 15 minutes of charging),

Built-in Google assistant that can help manage your everyday task.  

If you have extra cash to spend, you can get the Pixel XL for the price of $769.000. As the name suggest, it has a larger screen a 5.5-inch size, and even a prettier visual. Because of all this, one might say that the Pixel a worthy competitor to the likes of Samsung’s and Apple’s Smartphone.



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New MacBook Pro: Your Lifestyle Redefined

It’s that time of the year again when Apple announces their new products. Each year, Apple surprises us with their groundbreaking innovations that revolutionize the way we use technology. This year is no different, as Apple has introduced us with yet a new MacBook; The New MacBook Pro 2016.

This MacBook Pro comes with new function keys and this time they are placed within a Touch Bar, which is much more “Versatile and Capable”. The Touch Bar will change depending on the app that the user is using. Of course the Touch Bar comes with all the function keys that are present in the previous models such as volume and brightness controls. The function key also comes with a new feature a selection of emojis and predictive text to choose from. The Touch Bar can be used also as Touch ID, giving the user an instant access into the MacBook and an easy way of doing transactions using the Apple pay.

As always the new MacBook comes in two sizes 13’ and 15’ inch. It is also faster, powerful, and lighter than any other previous models. For the 13’ inch (With a touch bar) it comes with a 2.9 GHz-dual core Intel Core i5, and the 15’ inch model comes with a two options 2.6 GHz-2.7 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7, With 256 GB to 512 GB of storage and has up to 10 hours of battery life. The new MacBook also come with a brighter and vibrant color display that is achieved through LED Backlighting and an increase to the contrast ratio. Besides that, this new MacBook comes with a redesigned speaker that is connected directly to the system power, enabling the MacBook to cover up range 58 percent more than previous MacBook Models. Besides that, the trackpad and keys is much improved with the keypad to be 4x more responsive than previous models

Talking about being the most versatile MacBook to date, it can also support up to two 5K displays and charge and provide power from all the ports. This is possible because of the new USB-C port. It also has the capability of a 40-Gbps data transfer. The new MacBook Pro 2016 not only offers style that always stays true to what Apple stands for but also shows how far Apple can go to achieve something new and innovative. Despite all that, some might say that previous builds is better because there is no Magsafe for easy input of the charger.



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Microsoft Surface Studio: An all-in-one Touch display

A monitor for the creative heads, the Microsoft Studio is the all-new, all-in-one display. With the 28“PixelSense, the Surface Studio gives you a lifelike display (13.5 million pixels) that is glossy and reflective, making it one of the most stunning monitor to look at. In a way, the Surface Studio also works not only as a monitor, but also as a tablet with 13mm of a display. You can also adjust the angle of the Surface Studio with various angles with just a push of a finger.

The Surface Studio provides you with the tools needed to express your creative minds. The Surface Studio comes with a surface pen for you to draw, touch, and interact with the Surface Studio. The most interesting tool of all is the Surface Dial ($99), shaped like a hockey puck, it’s a device that let you the user to interact with the surface in many different ways. By using the Surface Dial it will let the user access the many functionalities of the Surface Studio, from customizing, navigating, and using all the tools to create amazing concept and ideas. The Surface Dial works by holding the surface of the Dial and an array of the menu of tools will pop up, around the dial so it is easier for you to access the necessary tools that you need.

For all the Artist or illustrators out there, the Surface Dial can be used as a form of feedback that sends vibration through your fingertips and helps you stay in touch with your work. Some app’s that is compatible with the Surface Dial are Sketchable, Mental Canvas, Drawboard PDF, Moho 12, Staff iPad, Bluebeam Revu. Other tools include a “Surface Ergonomic Keyboard” and the “Surface Mouse”.

With the starting price of $2,999, it seems that Microsoft knows whom they are aiming for. The Surface Studio is ideal not only for artists and illustrators, but also for the creative minds out there who wants to express their ideas through the magic of Digital Art.


Words By: Adrian R