Semester break is such a perfect time to lose weight, to have a jog every morning or to simply go to the gym. However, you always have a choice to do the otherwise, to enjoy every single bite of the best foods a city could provide.

It is never a crime to actually have yourself lost in between an alley of traditional street foods that owns a historical value and where the foods are always worth the try. Bring along your family or your friends and have a drive to the outer side of Jakarta and spend a day or two hunting for what’s trending in that city. During this holiday, get out of the city hustle and take an hour drive to Bogor and feel free to have your cheat day and satisfy your taste buds with these 5 must-try street foods in Bogor.


  1.       Ayam Goreng Aroma

ayam goreng aroma

Looking for a delicate yet money-saving type of dinner? Worry not, for Ayam Goreng Aroma is to the rescue. Located in several most-visited places in Bogor, Ayam Goreng Aroma managed themselves to be easily found. Ayam Goreng Aroma is not only selling ordinary fried chickens, they provide you the juiciest, most savory chicken you would ever taste.

Ayam Goreng Aroma’s outlets are spread all across the city. They are located in Jln Taman Kencana, Jln Pahlawan, Jln  Ahmad Yani, Jl. Dramaga, and Jln Raya Wangun, so in case you get hungry, type them in your Waze and they’ll direct you to their closest outlet.

Ayam Goreng Aroma also provides the greatest options of condiment that could satisfy your taste buds.


  1.       Soto Bogor Pak Salam


soto bogor pa salam 2

For you who crave big portions for breakfast or lunch, then this soto will fit your tummy well. A bowl of warm coconut milk served with juicy beef and innards of your own choice will surely keep you craving for more. Soto Bogor Pak Salam is located in Jl. Suryakencana (Gg Aut) Bogor.

Jln  Suryakencana is a china town filled with lots and lots of great foods. So, if you are willing to take a stroll around, you would definitely have yourself amazed by what they have right there and spare some space in your tummy for more delicate cuisines the street provides.


  1.       Sop Mak Emun

sop mak emun

The food the whole Bogor knows, Sop Mak Emun it is. A traditional food from Bogor that’s been holding onto its recipe for years is the best kind of traditional food. And Sop Mak Emun is definitely one of it.

A bowl of warm and savory soup topped with carrots and served with well-seasoned oxtail will definitely blow your mind. If you’re looking for a food that could give you a happy tummy with no regret, then this food is definitely yours to eat.

Located in Jln Achmad Sobana, this place is easy to find. However, you might want to have yours reserved first because most of the time, they could run out of stock before 11 am.


  1.       Sop Duren Lodaya

sop duren lodaya 1

For you  Durian Maniacs, come over to this little shop that sells nothing but durians. This place owns a perfect durian you could ever taste and it is pretty easy to find too. It is located in Jln Achmad Sobana just a few blocks away from Sop Mak Emun.


  1.       Bakso Seuseupan

baso seseupan

Last but not least, Bakso Seuseupan. It had already been really famous since the first day they opened the outlet simply because it really is delicious. If you’re looking for a perfect bowl of happiness, then this bowl of meatballs will definitely fit you.

They serve you not only the great taste of meatballs, but they also give a little extra something on each bowl, that is what people called as “kulit”. If you are, by any chance, interested in trying these delicate, yet money-saving cuisine, you could find them in Jln Achmad Sobana, just a few steps away from Sop Mak Emun.

Since Bogor is known for its high density of rain, for me, nothing fits better with the weather than this bowl of warm meatballs.


Have fun to explore and to satisfy your taste buds!

Words By: Veda Renata