To run or to walk. To love or to hate. This world is full of choices. But some say, everything in this world is pre-destined.

So how about us, the life of a human? Is life a choice or destiny?

We can see many people with their own fate. They become successful in their jobs, their relationship, or their life. Not little said, it happened because they were born rich, they were well educated, and they found the right person. It all depends on everyone’s bad and good fate. But the truth is, it all happened because of two things; choice and faith.

Choices and results are inseparable. People can be successful in their jobs because they chose to work hard. They chose to learn well in their field of study. They can be successful in their relationship because they chose to find, to love, and to keep the person in their heart. In fact, if they don’t choose to do something, nothing will happen. When people make their choice, they will find their results of their own choices.

However, faith is requires to accept the result of the choice. So when people make their choices, they must accept whatever happens; the joy, the risk, or nothing at all. Faith helps people to make their choices while fear make people hesitate of their own choices. In the end, people do not have control for the results. The life of the people depends on their own path. It’s not just the past that can mold people, but how people choose to live their life that’s matter. This destiny is carved by our own choices and faith.

Written by: Louise Angelita Kemur