When your finals are coming up, sometimes you waste your time by stressing out. But, why stress out when you could actually prepare yourself before the exams. Most schools give their students at least one day off for them to set back and relax. This article will tell you few ways and insights how to enjoy your days before facing the exams.




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Watch movies

This activity is probably the easiest thing to do. You don’t need to go out and waste money – simply open the internet from your laptop, put up your speakers, sit back, and relax. Watching movies may be one of the best ways for you to relax because it surely would entertain you. Sometimes by watching a movie, it could feel like you’re being taken to another world; drowned deep in fantasy land. Watching a movie doesn’t take up too much time, that’s why you could do this to release some tension before finals are coming up.




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Create some art

This activity is also a simple one. You’ll need papers and pens, paints, or any art mediums that you prefer. You could create drawings or paintings in your days off because it also won’t need much time to do. When creating an artwork, you are free to express yourself in making something beautiful and pleasing (at least for yourself). When you feel “free”, creating something wouldn’t be a burden to you. If you feel that you are unable to draw or paint, there are a lot of tutorials on youtube that you could learn from. An artwork doesn’t need to be put on canvas and be displayed on your room, but it could be in a form of decorating your notebook with drawings or even decorating your own room with DIY things.




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Hangout with your friends

There is nothing better than going to a mall (or other place) with your friends. This particular activity both may or may not take up time, depends on how much you miss your friends or how badly you want to be with them. Planning to meet your high school friends is also a good idea because you surely need some catching up to do. Telling each other jokes (and maybe gossips) when hanging out would make you laugh and happy, thus it would decrease stress.




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Short getaway

If you really want to make the most of your short holiday, go have a short vacation. Go to places that have beautiful sceneries that could calm your mind, like to the beaches (Bali) or mountains (Puncak). Having a short getaway could take your mind off from thinking about your finals, at least for a while.



These are only a few ways, sure there are a lot of more ways to enjoy your days before the exams are coming up. The point is, you NEED to relax before facing final exam, for then you pass them cold-headed and with a clear mind.



Words by: Antonia Miranda Wahyudi

Header Image is Credited to: huffingtonpost.com