The wheel of life comes and goes- sometimes, we thrive, we succeed, we feel the happiest because we’re loved. On the contrary, there are also the gray areas, the times when we feel that our life is just flat, nothing bad nothing good, nothing out of the ordinary.

But at times, it might feel as if the world is constantly moving in a direction against us, pushing us deeper and deeper into a never-ending hole of darkness, creating pain so real that it feels like the universe has conspired along with all of its entities to go against us, to let us fall. Here is a shout out to the times where we tried to extend our arms to the sky, to reach for the stars, setting our goals where we glance most afar and yet, we’re bound to the ground, to a pitiful state where all we can do is contemplate and reminisce about the past, about the present, about the future, wondering where we’re at above heaven’s pedestal.



When you feel that the world keeps on bringing you down, dragging you to the point that you think you might not make it, just know that everything would eventually be fine. Just like the saying says, time will heal everything. I believe that this goes for situations like these as well.

Sometimes, when the problem is right in front of you, you feel that you are compelled to find the answers and you became frustrated as the answers got blurry, yet you force yourself, you force the circumstances to redefine the answers- defining it to an overly rushed conclusion that might not even be right. So when the times of you having to be piled up on problems over problems over problems, just remember that sometimes it is okay not to have the answer all the time and that you don’t have to force it to be solved instantly. Just remember that there will be something better and brighter for you in the future, and that there are always the silver linings even in gray stormy clouds; that maybe in times when you feel that you can’t get something right no matter how hard you tried, perhaps it is just life teaching you about acceptance and teaching you that if you keep on looking around, there might be a different and better alternatives laying down right in front of your eyes.



When you realize there’s no one behind your back, or holding your hand as you go through life. When you realize, there’s really nobody you can call for help. When your friends go out and have fun without you. When everybody is talking about you behind your back, or even talking directly to your face.

To be brutally honest, I don’t really care about what people think of me. If they think I’m a good person, thank you, really. But if they think I’m a bad person, with a big smile on my face but rotten inside, then it’s fine. I’m just gonna be me, whether you like it or not. Because why should we fit in a lame puzzle, when we can be that unique painting everybody bids on? So fear not, when you think the world is against you, remember what Mad Hatter has to say.

“You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” – Mad Hatter



There must be times when you think life is not as easy as you thought. Those hard times might be the time when you think the world is against you. It could also be times when something happened but you’re not sure what are you feeling towards it because sometimes happiness and sadness could not be differentiated easily.

“When the world is against you” might define as when nobody is on your side. When you feel everything is falling apart. When you feel everything, literally e v e r y t h i n g doesn’t go out as you expected. When everybody disagrees with you when you (feel) your best friends doesn’t want to talk or hang out with you when everyone including your family ignores or doesn’t care about you, or even when everything feels like doesn’t go the way it used to be or how it should be. When one of those things happened, don’t you feel like the world is against you? Maybe you’re being too emotional, maybe you’re not. If your life is full of dramas you might understand what this feeling is like.

When you get this kind of feeling, it might be that you’re drowned by your own feelings. Seek for your alone time, maybe at your room, try to relax, clear out your negative mind, and reflect what might you’ve done that causes this kind of feeling to rise. When your mind is clear, you could see everything clearly. If you feel everybody disagrees with you, it might be you’re too stubborn. In that case, you need to change your point of view a little bit and clear up your mind to see that everybody has their own opinion too and you could try to respect it. Also when you feel like your closest one ignores you, you need to see that they are busy with their own business. Try to depend more on yourself, so you could do anything you want without bothering other people. And, try not to think what other people said because it would just burden your mind. What matters the most is what you think about yourself and you must 100% confident because people always admire dauntless personalities.

So, whenever you feel like the world is against you, try to clear up your negative mind.



    You can’t deny the inevitable truth that your life don’t always go as what you have planned out. A Hallway stretching so far- far away from a door to your happiness. A dark, dark place where all seems lost, a glimmer of hope that may vanish in front of your eyes. Alone in the empty corner of the universe, stranded in the land of darkness engulf by your mind slipping away from insanity. It’s true, no matter how much you try to negate the truth the world is not perfect. Everyone seems to change faces, liars, deceivers, who for all you know was a friend that you thought you can count on. But know this you can’t hate yourself. When everything feels so wrong you can’t ignore the fact that this is your life, you’re the one that can change the course for the better or worse it’s all in your hands. Try to look at the bigger picture instead of blaming others or yourself, look at your own reflection and accept and move forward follow your heart cause your heart never lies.

   Space, Space is one thing that everybody needs. use this to find yourself, recollect every thought. Face it face the truth be strong yet wise. Understand yourself and understand your surroundings. Know that god created men equal, every living being in this world is equal. We are just but a tiny speck in the galaxy. But know this you are never alone, try to acknowledge that there is actually someone there for you. Someone that you can lean to. When the world is against you think of it as a challenge, an obstacle course. Overcome it be better. Be happy share this happiness, be kind and share this kindness know that there is no harm in giving. Just be yourself be a better version of yourself, I once experience a life where being different is a sin, and the only way to be accepted by others is to be like others. No, that’s not it, don’t worry know this that once you be yourself you will find enlightenment one way doesn’t work look for another way. Toughen up one word given from someone that I looked up to is that it’s okay for you to fall, what matters is how you get back up. Know your Mistakes learned from it and be better.


  “My Demons are lying in wait, they are grinning in the shadows, their polished fangs glinting, knowing today, it will be an easy kill. But tomorrow, tomorrow could be different, and that’s what keeps me going today”

-Lang Leav



One thing for sure, you have to know that in life, each and every human being has the right to be fourth or against you, and so are you to them. We live in a society where people tend to think that others’ judgment matters to us more than the judgment we have to ourselves. And to be honest, I’ve been living with this perspective in my mind my whole life, that in order to be accepted or at least feel like I am, I have to be the way society wants me to be. But sometimes, my inner-self speaks differently and when our inner-self began to realize that what believed in has been wrong the whole time, this is something we should be heedful of.

When we’ve reached the point where we began to see ourself as we are and appreciate ourselves more, regardless of what people think about us, we might feel as if the world is slowly leaning back and slowly began to be so-called against us. But always remind yourself that you deserve to be happy, meanings, do whatever you want, when you want to, and how you want to do it. Explore more about yourself, know the depth of each of your thoughts, and figure out new things that you could do. Keep yourself busy and achieve greater things, not to be seen by many, but simply just to distract you from what other people thinks about you. And in the end, make sure that you’re always as happy as you want yourself to be, and always be forth of yourself.


Write to you later!


Words By: Horizon Magazine Website Journalistic Division

Clara- Janniece- Nia- Adrian- Veda

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