Having a fit body anytime doesn’t mean you have to stop being fat. But having a fit body means having the perfect amount of everything and still be able to do lots of things and stay healthy. Here are the take to the World Leader and Fashion Icon on how they maintain their balanced diet.


Summer is just around the corner, and it is such a perfect time to have a little getaway to places we have never been to before like figuring out private beaches somewhere on the other side of Indonesia, strolling around a small city in Europe, or even joining tons of workshops and experiencing new things you’ve never done before.

To counterbalance all of our activities during the summer, it requires more than a sunblock to prevent us from getting sunburnt, or even a pair of hiking boots for those nasty blisters, it takes a fit body that is ready to do lots of activities in such a short period of time and there’s no other way to achieve such a healthy body than eating healthy and working out.

Recently the world is obsessed over how several public icons, even world leaders had their diet maintained. We’ll bring you the latest update on how to maintain your diet, world leader’s way.


Vladimir Putin

Who doesn’t know Vladimir Putin? The current president of the Russian Federation that has been holding the office since May 2012, is definitely one of the world leaders who’s concerned about what to eat and how to eat it. Putin has his diet maintained by controlling the ingredients in each of the food he consumed. This 64 years old President, has his food checked and controlled from poison, he even had his own poison controller-person that took care of all the food he ate. The president of the Russian Federation doesn’t have any special culinary reference, however his wife, Lyudmila Putina has revealed the true secret of Putin’s everlasting fit body and young-looking face.

Putin’s combination of food contains high protein meals combined with an unusual choice of dessert. Being a president requires him to travel a lot but still maintaining a high balance of diet. In every country he visited, he has his preferences of food. For example, he decided to eat a healing bowl of prawn soup, had roasted exotic shrimp, and ended his meal with pumpkin pudding. Putin’s diet is balanced with choices of healthy snacks such as cucumbers and tomatoes, and as stated before that he will always be considerate upon the ingredients of each of the food he consumed. Such a highly controlled diet to be looking just as young as Putin!


Kendall Jenner

A superstar and fashion icon, Kendall Jenner has been maintaining her diet for quite a long time now. On the runway or off duty, having a perfect body is a must for this 21-year-old talented model. Having associated with international fashion brands, from Victoria’s Secret to Chanel, requires her to have a fit body all the time. Kendall Jenner is actually looking very skinny, however, she actually owns a perfect figure. She maintains and enhances her looks by following a well maintained low-carb diet. Take note, that her sister Kim has also lost at least 56 pounds by having the similar diet. What makes it different is that Kim’s diet is called the Atkins Diet, and Kendall’s is called Paleo-Styled Diet.

The difference between both diets lies on how Atkins Diet relies on the amount of fat consumed. If you’re looking for a diet that melts your fat away in such a short period of time, then Paleo-Styled Diet done by Kendall should definitely be your choice, since it will melt 75 pounds from your body in mere six months.

Paleo-Styled Diet began from the thoughts of Dr. Cordian that compared the idea of living between our ancestors and the modern people. He sees how human were born a hunter. Our ancestors used to be very athletic, muscular, and fit, but then he sees how modern people are now being very unconcerned about their health, being overly stressful, having a lack of sleep, and overweight. All these things cause bountiful incurable diseases. But apart from all the bad habits modern people have, these incurable diseases could also be caused by the bad habit of eating. This is shown by our choice of food we eat regularly. The food we feed our body with are often hard to digest and these kinds of food are the foods that agitate us. That is why the idea of creating such diet to go back to how our ancestors came up, that is the Paleo-Styled Diet.

Paleo Diet requires you to eat low-carb meals that contain high nutrients your body needs. Here is a few required menu if you plan to have a Paleo Diet:

  1. Good Carbs – Good carbs are essential for you to gain energy for a day. However, not all carbohydrates are good for your body. A few recommended carbs in the Paleo Diet are sweet potato, fruits, and vegetables. These carbohydrates contain just the perfect amount of carbohydrate your body needs, but also a high amount of fiber and nutrients and the best part is that you can consume them as much as you want because they won’t make you fat.
  2. Meat – It’s better to consume grass-fed meat, rather than grain-fed meat. Grain is as hard to digest for an animal as it is for human and the purpose of doing this diet is to find food that gives your digestive system the ease to process all foods consumed by you.
  3. Oils – Oil could be the perfect choice to gain fat. Try to consume olive oil, avocado oil, or coconut oil in their natural forms.
  4. Eggs – Eggs that are rich of omega-3 is a must in every diet
  5. Nuts – Get nuts with nuts because it has the perfect amount of calories you need during your diet days
  6. Tubers – For those of you that balanced your diet with working out, get yourself a tuber after doing a workout. For tuber is so rich in carbs and calories, they will fuel you after your workout
  7. Fowl – Fly away by eating birds with wings such as hen, duck, turkey, etc.


By following the Paleo Diet, you’ll get yourself freed from cardiovascular disease, clear skin, and strong teeth, and last but not least, all the food you consume will give you a good quality of sleep that could regenerate your cells even better. Paleo Diet is definitely a great way to maintain a healthy and clean eating habit, it is quite effective to lose weight, and it’s definitely worth the shot.

Now you have it, folks, both diets require more than just a body that’s ready to accept whatever the condition you’re going to face, but you will also need a positive mind that you will, eventually get through it. To sum it up, as we have stated about Kendall’s and Putin’s take on how they have managed their diet, both diets have one thing in common, both require you to eat low-carbs meal. But yet, the difference between both diet lies in the type of food you consume. Putin’s diet makes you eat healing-food and all food that can detoxify yourself, on the other hand, Kendall’s diet makes you eat various of food with a low level of carbohydrate.  

So be it having your day playing at the beach or even hiking the mountain, joining workshops or even learning new things, always make sure that your body stays in a good condition. So which diet would be your choice?


Words By: Veda Renata

Header Image is Credited to: nbcnews.com, playbuzz.com