“A breath of fresh air with a little breeze of summer whisk portraying the beige blueish colour of the sky, we would say.”


                    The local acts were talking about is JIRAPAH, Born simply out of being fans of music and a curiosity for composing, Jirapah has been active in New York City’s music scene for some time now. Masterminded by Ken Jenie and Mar Galo, the band really focuses on experimenting inside and outside the studio.

The music is often raw, heavy on the reverb and delay, but in its core the two’s love for good, simple tunes really shines through. With their efforts they hope to contribute their own sensibilities to the colourful world of music. Now days, the band has added more musicians to their music : Januar KristiantoYudhis Tira and Nico Gozali.


JIRAPAH has just released a 7″ vinyl a while ago, its limited and their first physical release. Let’s just hope they will release more good music in the air.

Let’s hear some good music shall we :